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Is this sun scald?

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Some of my hardy citrus have this white almost blistering on the stems. This is the only apparent damage after 5f over the weekend.

Ninkat x poncirus

Prague chimera

Only on the upper leader, lower branches are unaffected. Looks much worse in the picture for some reason lol

Doesn't look like sun damage to me.  Looks more like insect damage.

David Kipps:
It does look like the motley appearing stems on my borderline hardy citrus after severe cold.  If no more strong cold they recover, but too much and they die and bleach out.

I also have these white spots on some of my coldhardy in garden planted citrus after -13 C. Especially on the twigs of late summer, which are not fully hardened. But I agree that in combination with wintersun the damage gets quickly worse.

The backside of the same growth looks unaffected on the Prague, I suspect the Ninkat x Poncirus as well. These are the top most growth spurts so must not have been hardened enough. My most damaged Yuzu has bleaching on the upper branches they are completely white. A shaded out Yuzu cutting from the same plant does not show the same damage

Here's the Yuzu exposed to full sun and the damage

Same plant rooted cutting but in mostly shade, not nearly as much damage except the one twig


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