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New summer time passion fruit trellis

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I did this so fast, usually i plan for such things for like at leas a month, pondering about..... this time i just had the idea in the evening and next day i was already doing it.
This trellis will be perfect for the summer growth of my passion fruit plants, i have 1 purple edulis and 1 decaisneana in the greenhouse, they are growing vertically on the wall of the greenhouse, fixed to a aluminium fence. This growing possition is not optimal in any way, but i am forsed to grow them like this due to space limmitations. They cast alot of shade on the other plants that way.
Anyway, with this new setup i will guide the new growth trough a hole at the top of the greenhouse, i will remove a piece of the pollicarbonate in spring/may and let them roam outside.
The purple edulis i'm sure will really apreciate the new space, ive grown the purples outside in pots and in ground trought summer with no problems, the decaisneana may not grow as good there, since i think it likes a little more shade and a lot more humidity . In fall i will have a problem thought ,i will have to prune and take the rest of the plant inside the greenhouse, i just hope that whatever fruit sets it ripens before that point, as messing with such long and tender vines, carying fruit will be a nevre braking job.
Here are the plants:

This is the trellis :

The pics are not too clear, but thats the best i could do ..


Looking forward to seeing fruits hanging down

yeah what elou said!

these pictures are gonna be crazy to look at a year from now when the whole screen is filled  ;D

Thank you both for the kind words, i cant wait to let the vines roam up there. Didnt thought about the fruit hanging trought the net, itll be cool to look at.  I will have a hard time hand pollinating the flowers though, once i did left some flowers without hand pollination and they did set, but i just wont risk it .

Super cool vine and fruit arch you are working on there! Love it.

An extended soft brush could help with hand pollinatio, if needed,


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