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African potato mint tubers available


African potato mint tubers available for sale or trade. 5 tubers for $6 plus applicable shipping costs. Tubers vary in size but most will be around marble size. They do get bigger significantly  to the size of an egg or so if given enough space. However the smaller ones are what I'm selling. Hit me up!

Thanks! DG

I would like an order please

How do these taste when cooked?


--- Quote from: Rispa on February 07, 2023, 11:45:05 PM ---I would like an order please

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Send me a pm whenever you are ready

--- Quote from: turtle_hermit on February 07, 2023, 11:51:14 PM ---How do these taste when cooked?

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They really don't taste too far off a white potato when roasted. An ever so slight hint of minty flavor but very minute. At the base of a cutting you'll get one larger tuber or a few decent sized tubers and lots of tiny ones in most cases. I've had them form egg sized tubers in a 4 inch pot but the more space you give them is better. Usually if kept in a small pot like that you'll just get a bunch of smaller tubers. Can be anywhere from one large with a few small to 2-10 small tubers. Most will be around marble sized if kept in small containers.


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