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Making concrete pots

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So I had to fix the driveway and there's a few bags left over of concrete. I was thinking of making a large 50+ gallon pot. Problem is the PH is super high...I've read you can soak them to leach the ph out, but it still looks like no matter how much time the ph will still be too high. Any pointers and advice. And has anyone done this before?

Maybe you can cure the concrete in water and let it sit there for a few months. You should look to the fish and aquarium hobbyists as some people use concrete.

You could use vapor barrier or similar sealant to create a non permeable barrier between the soil and the pot. Clay might be the best choice.

The cement will always dissolve as long as the soil is in contact with the surface and is wet.

Hey ryan we use this plastic to waterproof basements it keeps an air gap between soil and concrete so your walls never have hydro pressure on cracks also keeps it dry. It would work if you lined the walls and bottom of the pots with it. Basically airpot sheets without the holes drilled.

Thanks Bill, Okvid, and Oolie
It does give me an idea. Maybe just make a pot from wood then just line it with another material. Probably lighter and easier to move. Although I was going to keep the pots as a semi permanent structure in my greenhouse. If only I had another 100 or so square feet then I'd invest into a dragon fruit trellis.
But anyways the concrete pots that is a very good idea. Just how to drain the water? If everywhere is lined it'll just become waterlogged? I was thinking holes in the side or bottom. Mind my ignorance...I'm new to this lol.


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