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OxiDate, Any experiance use this on citrus?

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I have been reading that hydrogen peroxide is good for treating fungal diseases, sterilizing soil, eliminating mites and scale and even increasing the oxygen in the soil.  I bought OxiDate to try out.  I would love to know  if any of you have used it and how effective or what risks there may be when applying it to citrus or citrus potting soil?

It should work well but peroxide is toxic to living tissue so too much could be harmful. When peroxide bubbles and fizzes that's due to an enzyme humans have which breaks peroxide down which it turns to water and oxygen which it will also slowly do with time. That's why it doesn't really harm humans. But when sprayed on leaves it will be more toxic to fungus than the leaf. Almost all fungicides are like that and can harm the plant in large doses but don't think peroxide is any different.

Hydrogen Peroxide is added to drip irrigation systems to combat the bacterial biofilms in the irrigation lines. It is also used on cucumber farms to enhance growth and combat root disease. There would be a rate it is applied at, that might give you something to work with.

Thanks for the information.  I watered and sprayed a group of citrus and vegetable seedlings and citrus plants flushing with new growth with 'Oxidate 2.0' at 1.3 oz/gal.  After four days there is no apparent harm to any of the treated plants.  It did seem to stop fungus gnats in the soil. So I am encouraged to use it widely for root rot and leaf issues on citrus.  The instruction sheet lists brown rot on peaches as one of the diseases it cures. If this proves to true here in the muggy US South-East I will be astonished.

It is a good general fungicide/bactericide. It works well for some things and not so well for others (it will not control anthracnose in lychee in my experience). I have never seen it harm a plant when applied according to the label. We used it for years on our Blueberry field. It has virtually 0 residual effect, so you need to spray on a weekly basis.


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