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A non bitter larger Poncirus?



Giant garden lemon (Poncirus trifoliata "Debreceni and Bácska giant")  shown in the photos
. Unlike the basic species, its fruit is not bitter and not the size of a ping-pong ball! Great frost-tolerant collector's selection, with large fruits (5 cm diameter!), without the bitter taste characteristic of the basic species! It is a very winter-hardy, high-yielding variety. A single plant is enough, no stamens are required. Container bush or sedge.


I'm sure Hungary is HLB free if anyone knows how to import seeds XD

I am going to check the source. Thank you for the tip. I am, however, a little bit skeptical that it is so different a cultivar from the standard Poncirus. I mean 5 cm fruit diameter is quite common for Poncirus in Germany. It is also not unusual that Poncirus has non-bitter fruits. A greater surprise would be when it had non-resinuous fruits. But the seller says nothing about resin or the absense of it. I also have some doubt that the flowers of this cultivar are really flagrant. I definitely know that Poncirus with flagrant flowers exist but these cultivars are so extemly rare that it amounts to a miracle when the seller really had a Poncirus that is a) extremly hardy, b) flagrant, and c) good tasting. A bit too good to be true I would say. And then this praise of attributes that are not unusual at all (5 cm fruit diameter, no bitter taste) - that sound just like sensationalism to me.

Yet I believe in surprises and I am curious.  :)


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