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Hi all,

I recently purchased a Prague Citsuma and wanted to see how other members experience with this cultivar has been. I am hopeful that this tree will be able to thrive in an in-ground situation in zone 8b, but have heard that it can be a reluctant grower and wanted to hear if anyone has tips or tricks to help their tree thrive. Any feedback would be appreciated!

I am looking for this variety, I've heard that it's ugly, but a survivor.

I have two grafts one on pure poncirus and one on tai-tri. The tai-tri grew vigorously.

So far both grafts look alive in zone 7a after lows of 1f and 5f. The one grafted on pure poncirus, 2 years old, grows very slow.
After 1 year the graft on tai-tri is twice the height.

It's said to be a chimera of flying dragon and satsuma, the lanky habit probably comes from the flying dragon. I will update more in the late spring to be sure that they are actually alive. 

It is completely hardy under my climate, but you should be patient to have its fruits.
The best way is to graft high (~1 meter ) on a strong trunk of poncirus and force upside growth by attaching branches vertically.
It is Satsuma/poncirus chimera, occasionally pushing pure mandarin and pure poncirus (not a FD) twigs.

Where did you purchase the Prague Citsuma?

Mike Adams


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