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WTB Inga spectabilis seeds

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Hello, I'm looking for someone in the US who can provide hundreds of Inga spectabilis seeds. The seeds will be shipped to California. Thanks!

P.S. If you have Inga jinicuil and other large, fat Inga sp. (excluding Inga feuille, Inga cinnamomea, Inga edulis), that'll be great!

Hey sytanta,

Good luck with your search! It was a bit difficult for me to find the Spectabilis and Jinicuil for awhile, but I purchased a few goods seeds off MauiSeedCompany on etsy. Great germination rate, would suggest inquiring about a mass order, they have edulis as well.
Could also try reaching out to palologrower on the forum, he has sold me inga seeds in the past I believe.

I can do you one better. My Inga spectalabis from Oscar fruit lovers is fruiting now. Another month and I can send a fruit.

^and of course, HapaJoe the legend is always a recommendation.

In fact, Joe, I would be glad to get some spectabilis fruit from you next month too!

I do also have some Inga seedlings for sale. Im doing some inventory now as I finally have time to breathe from last seed drop. 


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