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Best tasting Plinia?

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Looking to start a collection of them soon but due to seed-to-fruit time being so long on this genus id rather wait a long while for the best tasting ones instead of random varieties.

watch flyingfoxfruits on youtube, I don't know which but there's a specific video where in the intro he kind of categorizes them. I think plinia in general have 2 types, those that have astringency, and those that don't

among those that don't include phithrantha, aureana, escarlate? I think? Someone with a lot more knowledge could expand on this

After tasting the most common ones, and a few rare ones that only a few have tasted, I can say one of the best ones are
sabara and grimal. Sabara just has that nice flavor you can't find anywhere else. Grimal is good and tastes just like a good muscadine. Not the puny ones in FL, but the ones up here. I know people do recommend coronata restinga, but I haven't gotten to try that one yet.

I know there are a lot of yellow plinias out there like rara, clausa, edulis, inflata etc. And I'm sure there are people who can chime in on those tastes. Except for edulis, the only way to try them is go to South America...I like the cambuca taste, but just nothing shocking about it.

For me I think red hybrid or escarlate are hard to beat. They also produce by far the soonest. They're sweeter and the skin is more palatable. As a Floridian I think you should just get a couple of those as seedlings and let them rip. You won't be waiting long.

Sabara is the best balance of tannin, spice and sweetness, skin is edible but barely.

Grimal has a lot more flesh than red or sabara, and has a nice texture and flavor to the flesh. The skin, for me, is basically inedible and way too thick / hard.

The whites I've tried have just been sweet, with low flesh and thick skin. It's more about the aesthetic of the leaves for those for me.

I will get to try a few new varieties that I grafted last year this year, so I look forward to being more informed. There are some much more informed people on this forum about flavors so I look forward to their reviews.

Ok, not quite jabo but close enough - vexator kind of sucks. Sour, bitter skin.

aw vexator sucks? damn. I love watching the leaves come in and it branched super early on, at least it's fun to look at  ;D


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