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Peak of the season fruit tasting event

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What- Peak of the season fruit tasting event
Where- Starbucks 1001 Tamiami Trail, Punta Gorda, FL 33950
When- 11 am to 2pm Saturday, July 1st
Sample many types of mango and other tropical fruit. Bring your own fruit or make a donation to make it happen. Since our local fruit production was impacted, Eke Pono will be traveling the state buying the best fruit he can find. He will be doing some overnight travel and thus whatever you can contribute will help. All contributions will be directed to him.
Starbucks has been very hospitable for past events and has been generous enough to commit to hosting up to 50 people. Please reach out to me to let me know if you are attending. We will try to have some premium mango like Lemon Zest and Orange Sherbet for you to try.
If you want to bring some fruit to sell or trade, that is encouraged as well. If you have any questions or want to confirm as a vendor or attendee, please message me, and will update and post an attendee list. Thank you.

I can come this year as not selling fruit this year.Kinda like cars and coffee but with fruit.

I'll bring some mangos. Whatever is harvestable at the time. Slim pickings after the hurricane but should still have some.

Since my wife's a school teacher and she'll be wanting to travel it's a possibility if we can find some decent lodging. It's a 6-hour round trip for me not quite Peak for us but possibly could bring some Bombay. I would be there more for the social aspect. I would like to meet of you fellas🙂

Actually if you can turn this into an annual event. Maybe get a community center from Parks and Rec I'll talk to some folks up here and a few over on the coast. One of them has a mystery machine that might be interested and in the near future I'm buying a conversion van. Punta Gorda seems like a good Midway point on the Gulf Coast

If I stretch the truth and tell him that the Bed Bath & Beyond in the mall has a pickleball court he'll be in for sure.


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