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What variety of Passiflora can be cross polinated with edulis 'Frederick`?

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I'm looking for a passiflora variety that can be cross polinated with Passiflora edulis 'Frederick'. I'm in 9b cold hardiness area so it has to be as cold tolerance as Frederick.

Pretty sure Red Rover, Panama Red, Possum Purple, Brazilian Gold, or other relatives will work fine, if it's not self-fertile. Recommend you hand pollinate to increase chances of set and yield. 

Panama Red, Purple Possum and Sweet Sunrise should all work and will all grow in 9b (at least they grow in my backyard in 9b). Nancy Garrison should also work and will definitely grow in 9b, it's pretty cold hardy, but it can be a pain to find.

My Frederick is self fertile and Iíve never done any hand pollination.  Sets hundreds of fruit on its own.
Are you trying to create hybrids?


I just read that it'd be possible to increase the yield with cross pollination. I don't know much about passiflora. So I just wanted to test it. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'd also appreciate if you guys can point me to a place where I can find some cuttings


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