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Help me decide for in ground trees in my greenhouse! (taste)

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It's been a while since someone did a poll, So I figured we could do another one for trolls lol.
I'm asking this to see what trees I should leave in ground in my greenhouse. Space is limited, and I think I have about 14 trees in ground
red jabo, lemon drop, sabara, sapucaia, ndm, orange essence, fruit punch, mallika, loquat, pink guava, white sapote, lychee, starfruit, sap, and rollinia
I am wondering if it is worth keeping some of them in ground. For example, the guava tree is very a vigorous grower, but the fruit is only a guava lol. Same with the white sapote. I'd rather plant another lychee there in the spot of it.
But, what is the general public's idea of this? Keep or remove?
Sacrifice taste for more variety? Or have less selection but better fruits?
Is rollinia any good? One of the few ones I haven't tried yet. But the tree is growing so nicely, I feel bad removing it.

Same with white sapote. I've tried a few, but didn't really like them (decent), but now I got the mary lane, that just flowered, no fruit set, but now I feel like I should grow it out to fruit. But I don't know what to do.

So, I need your opinions on this matter if possible.
Potential candidates to replace in ground trees were my maruitius lychee and hak ip too. (lychee is my favorite fruit for most part)

What are some good tasting fruits you'd recommend based entirely off of taste?
One thing I can't do is jaks though, way too much of a commitment of space.

I don't know, but just wanting to get some feedback on my decisions as they will have a lasting impact.

My opinion, chop down the pink guava (ew), white sapote, and rollinia. None of them are that special, could use the space for just objectively better fruiting plants. Lychee, longan, red custard apple, Yangmei, another mango, would all be great options. Don't forget I still have some plants waiting for you here  ;D

Interested in hearing more people's opinions on rollinia, I've heard so many great things (namely that they taste like fruity pebbles... haven't stopped thinking about that since I heard it lmao)

The flavor of rollinia is quite good. The problems are texture, short shelf-life, and processing is a pain.

My pink guava is one of my favorite fruits.   This is far too subjective a question. 

I think you should wait until you can try them all yourself.  What I have been doing is growing anything that will fruit in a container... in a container.   And if it is awesome I plant it in the ground.

For things that aren't likely to ever fruit in a container I just plant them in the ground and wait for them to fruit and then cut them down if they aren't as good as the competition.  I had a dozen citrus trees in-ground and dug up most of them.  Now I have a bunch of artocarpus and annonas in ground, with the assumption that most will be ripped out and only the best ones kept. 


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