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I have an orange and grapefruit tree.

I am considering the following schedule:

Fertilize NPK slow release: March, June, September.
Foliar spray of minor elements: April, July October.
Iron drench: April, mid June, September.

Is this routine appropriate?



I contacted Dr. Robert Rouse (UF) about this with emphasis on rejuvenating trees from citrus greening. His reply:

--- Quote ---Richard, the most important and essential ingredients in the mix are the macro and micronutrients.  They should be sprayed on the foliage 3 to 4 times per year.  The timing would be when the tree is producing new flush shoots.  New flush comes in the spring when new growth begins, again when the summer rains begin and in the fall about late August to early September.  The summer rains keep the tree flushing with new growth all summer making it an opportunity to make 2 applications about 4 to 6 weeks apart.  The regular ground applications of fertilizer should be continued.  There is not currently a website where this information is given.
--- End quote ---
So he indicates that major nutrients should be included in the spray along with the minor elements. If rejuvenation is your goal, it takes 2 years to see results.

Central Floridave:
I typically only fertilize my citrus mid-february (now), and maybe lightly in the summer if we get a lot of rain. 

I've had great results.  I just use a citrus or palm special fertilizer. 

I have very young Citrus...3 years and newly planted. My biggest problem is Citrus Leaf Miners (CLM) and they attacked every single "new growth flush" I've ever had making my young trees totally ravished and I'm going to be very proactive this year treating them so the tree can grow and be healthy.

Is the Southern Ag Citrus Nutritional Spray a good one to use for minors? Is there one better out there...I'm planning on following the application of 3-4 times a year as per the recommendation...I really want to get them healthy this year.

Brad, your schedule seems like a good one ...but I'm waiting for pros to comment.

What brand Iron are you going to apply? I was thinking of using Ironite? 


--- Quote ---Is the Southern Ag Citrus Nutritional Spray a good one to use for minors?
--- End quote ---
I use Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro since it contains NPK too.


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