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Anyone buy from them? I paid for and ordered a Cherilata back in August (it stated that they will be shipping out at end of year at time of order) but have not been able to get a status via email or been able to get a hold of them via phone since. Im not in a hurry but just want to know if they received my order (and payment) and if its looking like this is still shipping this year....


Yeah, I go to Champa all the time. They're really not an online outfit, so far as I can tell, and that's a new addition to their business within the last 6-8 months or so.

They're legit, a no BS sort of place with no frills.

Don't really know their shipping situation, or if it's just some kind of drop-shipping from someone else.

In any case, their plants are very good quality, cheap, and clearly direct from FL.

Edit: it's a bit of a haul for you, but recommend just driving up there. It's worth the trip. I think they will honor the black friday still, they let their labor day sale run all the way til now. I didn't see cherilata when I was there last, but did have tons of grafted cherimoya and atemoya so maybe it was there. Didn't look closely.

I ordered scions from them twice. They delivered them bang on time so that they arrived at my friends just before they flew out to me in Uganda. Scions growing well.

I want to check this place out and Mimosa.  I feel like I checked off all the SD spots so want to see something different.

I buy  alot of trees and pot from them. Never have an issue. I also know the owner through a mutual friend. He is a nice and honest guy.

They usually have one of the best prices too.


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