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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Tropical Fruit Kelp Foliar Spray Schedule
« on: November 14, 2020, 08:32:32 PM »
Hello fellow fruit enthusiasts. It has been a while since I've been here. I had just applied a kelp foliar spray with a bit of fulvic acid mixed into it to my tropical fruit trees. According to the Kelp I bought (Clean Kelp from Bloom City), I should use the product every 4 to 7 days for plants. But for my fruit trees (mango, mamey sapote, sweetsop, sapodilla, bananas) how often should I spray them? 

Thank you for your help  :)

Hello fellow tropical fruit enthusiasts. :)

I've just discovered a cool looking seedling that is pretty close to my fence line. I'm wondering if this is a surinam cherry or something else. 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mamey Sapote Bark Disease?
« on: March 09, 2019, 04:22:35 PM »
Hello fellow tropical fruit enthusiasts. I am having these weird issues with my mamey sapote trees that seems to be affecting the bark and even the small fruits. It seems that the fruits just pop off in clean chunks (no bite or scratch marks anywhere) and I'm also having portions of the bark in some spots bubbling upward and peeling off. Both the pantin and the viejo exhibits this problem. I used to have an 8 year old pace mamey tree that never held fruit until maturity, but I lost a whole crop of grape sized fruits to this weird problem. That tree got the axe treatment since it was very finicky compared to my other mamey trees (used to get much more easily drought stressed).  I wonder if this just some typical random issue or is this some sort of a fungal disease or mineral deficiency. Both trees are growing very vigorously and the leaves look healthy. Here are some pics of the pantin and the last pic is an affected fruit:

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Ripening Viejo Mamey
« on: May 01, 2018, 11:37:45 AM »
Hello everyone. I have a Viejo mamey that is beginning to mature on the tree. When I lightly scratch the surface on one side of the fruit, the pulp is a orange-red color, but when I scratch the other side of the fruit, it is still green. This was a couple of days ago. How long will it take for the whole fruit to transform and be ready to pick?

Thank you.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Pantin Mamey Height Reduction.
« on: February 13, 2018, 10:59:27 AM »
Hello fellow fruit tree enthusiasts. I've been thinking of cutting back my grafted pantin mamey tree. In the picture, there are two possible cutting locations that I'm thinking about in order to make the tree more bushy and more wind resistant. This tree went through Hurricane Irma at this current size (90 mph gusts) like a champ and it still has plenty of space between the tree and the power lines. I would like to eliminate the chance of having to use an extremely tall ladder to harvest the fruit when the tree finally decides to produce fruit and maybe make the tree more productive. It seems to only produce isolated clusters of flowers and a small set of baby fruit in a few areas of the tree. The tree was planted as a 7 gallon tree back in the fall of 2012 so it has been a bit more than 7 years. The tree grows like a weed and it seems to be an upright vertical grower. The number 2 mark in the picture was the height of the tree back in 2012. I will be using a product called Tree bandage to seal the wound. I would like to read some of your opinions on this matter. Here are the three options:
1.) Leave the tree alone.
2.) Cut it at the number 2 mark.
3.) Cut it at the number 1 mark.

You probably need to zoom in to clearly see the marks I made.

Hello everyone. I am posting this for my cousin who lives in Cape Coral. His property does not border a canal and it seems that he has sandy soil. He has an avocado tree and a mango tree that seems to be struggling. If anyone has any suggestions on what it could be the cause, I would greatly appreciate it. :)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / 12/30/16 Tropicalgrower89's Small Yard Update.
« on: December 30, 2016, 04:22:04 PM »
Viejo Mamey:

Pace Mamey:

Pantin Mamey:

Fernandez Chirimoya and Thai Lessard Sugar Apple:

Unknown banana sold as manzano banana on ebay (weird combo of cavendish and manzano in flavor. Maybe a hybrid.)

Carrie Mango:

Coconut Cream Mango:

Glenn Mango:

Lemon Zest Mango:

Improved Hawaiian Sunrise Solo Papaya Trees (Pickering mango in the second photo):

Ruby Supreme 10-30 Guava:

Hasya and Tikal (largest):

Sapodilla Triangle (smallest is Alano):

Nam Doc Mai #4 Mango:

Overall Yard View:

Mysore Banana:

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Cuban Dwarf Red Banana Harvest and Question.
« on: August 11, 2016, 04:32:29 PM »
Hello fellow tropical fruit enthusiasts. I've just harvest my first rack of Cuban dwarf bananas today and I'm wondering, what would they look like when they are ready to eat?

Thank you,


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mixing Chelated Iron with Epsom Salt
« on: May 02, 2016, 12:32:41 PM »
Hello everyone,

I've been applying sequestrene 330  chelated iron to my mamey sapote trees and I have a bag of epsom salt which I have not been using.  Can I mix epsom salt (magnesium) with the chelated iron for future soil drenches? If I can how much?
I am using 5 gallons worth of water (5 gallon bucket) for the soil drench.

Thank you,

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Tropicalgrower89 Yard Update 4/30/15
« on: April 30, 2015, 11:04:52 PM »
Alano Sapodilla:

Carrie Mango:

About a 3 to 4 fruits.

Coconut cream mango with fruits from two different bloom sets:

Cuban Red Dwarf Banana:

Guanbana (Soursop):

Hasya Sapodilla:

Glenn Mango and Pantin Mamey Sapote:

Newly Planted Ruby Supreme Guava:

Manzano Banana right before it was planted:

Lemon Zest Mango:

Nam Doc Mai #4 Mango:

Lemon Zest and NDM #4:

Pace Mamey with some Sir Lankan Weevil leaf damage:

Tikal Sapodilla:

Pickering Mango:

Different views of the yard:


Valencia Pride Mango:

Viejo Mamey Sapote:

Ciruela Cubana (I guess it is red mombin):

The San Fernandez Custard apple is just a twig that is barely noticeable in the pics, but the buds are beginning to break out.

Hello everyone. I've tried to grow a 10-30 ruby supreme, but it didn't grow at all and began to slowly decline until it died completely a little more than a year ago, even though I watered it well. It was constantly covered in sooty mold.  I'm really not concerned about worms since I'll be covering the small young fruits with organza bags and red yarn. Should I give ruby supreme another try or look for another cultivar?
Any cultivar suggestions would be appreciated. I want to exclude any crunchy varieties.  :)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / December Sweetsop :-)
« on: December 30, 2014, 08:53:06 PM »
From my three year old thai lessard seedling. It produced a couple last year, but they were left on the tree too long causing them to split.  This is a second crop that the tree produced this year.  There are still a couple left on the tree.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Alano Sapodilla Tasting
« on: June 07, 2014, 05:31:38 PM »
I stopped by Bender's Tropical Grove and bought a couple of mamey sapote fruits and some alano (along with OX and Tikal) sapodilla. I tasted a very ripe alano sapodilla today and it's the first time in my life that I ate a sapodilla. All I can say was "oh my God". I'm hooked now. It had a nice mamey and brown sugar flavor with a bit of a sweet flan after taste. I LOVED it!! I have to get an alano tree... The fruit was also seedless and on the small side.  :)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mamey Disease or Nutrition Defiency
« on: May 28, 2014, 12:55:47 PM »
It seems that I have bad luck with pace mamey trees. This tree was doing well for two years and grew very quickly. Last year it began to show slight die back on one branch and mild amounts weird leaf growth. Then I began to fertilize it and I applied a nice layer of brown mulch. It seemed to have recovered nicely. It produced a nice amount of flowers and it set a lot of fruit. Unfortunately the tree aborted all of them, but I didn't think nothing of it since the tree is only 3 years old. After the first new flush this year a swarm of cuban maybeetles devoured my tree and it was forced to push out more growth. This time the leaves are smaller, not as green and have a weird canoe shape.
 The older pace mamey showed similar symptoms before just dying back until it's death for no reason. I just gave it everything I had yesterday and hope for the best. I gave it ferriplus 138 chelated iron, a light sprinkle of epsom salt around the tree and a nice amount of lesco 8-10-10 slow release palm/tropical fertilizer which I applied evenly around the tree. I just wanted to know if it's some sort of a deficiency or disease.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Ate My First Guanabana. :)
« on: May 18, 2014, 07:20:02 PM »
My mom noticed that the largest of the six guanabana fruits that are growing on my tree fell on the ground this morning dead-ripe. My dad quickly went to the back yard and picked it up. The fruit was nice and soft. My mom ate a slice of the guanabana and she loved it. The flesh has a lot of cotton like your typical guanabana and it was very creamy and juicy at the same time. In fact, it's kinda like eating genip (mamoncillo). It was very sweet, yet it also had a bit of acidity to it. Nice flavor, kinda reminiscent of passion fruit.

My mom collecting the rest of the pulp to make batido de guanabana (guanabana shake).

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Well-Water Quality Test
« on: March 19, 2014, 04:10:41 PM »
Hello everyone. Is there is a nearby place where I can take a sample of my sprinkler well water to be tested? I would like to know if I'm watering my trees with poor quality water or not. My location is pembroke pines, fl 33024.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Fairchild #2 Canistel Taste Review.
« on: February 04, 2014, 06:55:07 PM »
My fairchild #2 canistel fruits were beginning to fall off the tree, so I harvested the ones that fell on the ground (tree is low enough for the fruit not to splatter) and the ones that were still on the tree with full yellow/orange coloring. I had them ripening in my screen enclosure in a bounty paper towel covered basket. Today they were extremely soft and I tried the softest one. The fruit was moist and very creamy. It was also very rich and extremely sweet. As a matter of fact, after eating half of a small fruit, I had to force myself to eat the rest. It was so rich and sweet that my appetite slammed into a wall. Lets just say that I won't be eating anymore canistel for the rest of the year. lol The flavor was of sweet potato with hints of mamey and it gives a nutty aftertaste.  I scooped out the pulp out of the other two soft ones and stored them in the freezer. The other three are still softening-up outside and one is still on the tree. The smell is a bit farty, but not that bad. It's mostly a sweet nutty smell. :) The smaller fruits had one seed and the larger fruits had two seeds.

I have some pics. I'll begin with the one that is all or mostly yellow. The other ones are beginning to yellow-up.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / My Guanabana's First Fruit!
« on: December 22, 2013, 01:33:45 AM »
After 5-6 months producing flowers, one was finally pollinated on it's own. :)

These are 1 week old pics. It's a bit larger now. The tree was bought back in june 2011 as a 3 ft seedling from home depot. It had the pine island tag on it.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Tropicalgrower89 10/2013 Yard Pics.
« on: October 20, 2013, 12:34:30 AM »
Fairchild #2 Canistel and fruits:

Fairchild #2 Canistel Air layer with first new growth and bloom!

Mysore Banana:

Idunno Banana  :P (Tastes just like manzano). The fence is 6ft tall, so you can use it as a guide.

Tikal Sapodilla:

Carrie Mango with some chlorosis (Thinking about relocating it in the spring since the guanabana didn't do so well in that same spot either):

Coconut Cream Mango:

Two mamey seedlings:

Pantin Mamey and Sugar Cane:

Glenn Mango:

Carrie Mango seedling grafted onto Glenn Mango branch:

Oro Negro avocado (dwarf-like growth habit):

Guanbana/soursop (lots of blooming, but no fruit set):

Nam Doc Mai #4 (I thought it would be more dwarfish than this. lol I'm not complaining ;) )

Lemon Zest Mango:

Pace Mamey:


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Canistel Rootstock for Mamey Sapote.
« on: October 15, 2013, 01:06:57 AM »
I've read from an article about mamey that canistel is a compatible rootstock for mamey. My fairchild #2 has around 15 medium-sized fruits on it and the only thing I've applied are grass clippings, mango leaves, and coffee grounds. The tree is actually not big. My pace mamey began to show nutrient deficiencies and the 20-20-20 soluble fertilizer has really helped. Basically, I'm wondering if I can sprout a canistel seedling and use it as a rootstock for a pace mamey scion. I think canistel is less picky soil-wise than mamey. Can this be done successfully here in south Florida?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Eugenia Hedge blooming.
« on: August 08, 2013, 01:56:10 PM »
I have a row of large over grown Eugenia trees that are blooming. I've been reading that they produce edible fruit. I'm going to be tearing them down in the future to install a wood fence since the roots of the Eugenia hedge are growing into the root zones of other fruit trees that I have which are a bit close to these hedges. Here is one that is identical the Eugenia species that I have.

Is it worth saving one or can I just get rid of them all?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Guanabana Tree Question
« on: June 21, 2013, 08:17:18 PM »
I bought a small 3 gallon guanabana tree from the home depot in hialeah gardens with the pine island nursery tag. It's a seedling and now, two years later, I'm noticing 2 new flowers that are coming out.  I'm wondering if the pine island guanabana trees are usually the sweet type and not the acidic type.

Thanks :)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Manzano Banana?
« on: March 14, 2013, 11:12:21 PM »
Here is the top hand of the banana clump I've harvested from my unknown banana tree. Looks like Manzano to me  :) :

Here's an older picture:

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