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Iím selling fresh kepel seeds, this rare fruit is delicious! Tastes like vanilla, nutmeg, pineapple custard, the tree has very beautiful crimson to magenta new flush giving the tree lovely ornamental qualities as well as the fruit growing only from the lower trunk, the tree is native to central JAVA Indonesia and was appreciated by the esteemed and royal society in past history, it is said to be a deoderant for breath and body, the seeds are $4 US each with a minimum order of 10 seeds, I can ship by express post or regular mail, seeds will be shipped in vermiculite unless you prefer without?

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / SOLD-SELLING RARE KEPEL SEEDS-SOLD
« on: March 09, 2023, 05:17:56 AM »
KEPEL- Stelechocarpus Burahol seeds for sale I have just 23 freshly harvested seeds, they are $5 US each I am only selling in two lots of 12 seeds and 11 seeds first two people get the seeds, I can ship anywhere by ems or regular mail, Iím in Australia, thank you Mick

For sale are Russels sweet garcinia seeds.

They are $5 US each with a minimum order of 8.This species is dioecious! The fruit are extremely rare and very delicious with flavors of mango, pawpaw, orange, to my knowledge there are only 4 known female fruiting trees in the world? All in far North Queensland Australia which were all planted by Russel Francis who found this originally in Thailand about 40 years ago, they were unknown or described, initially thought to be an improved variety of garcinia dulcis. The fruit on the plate are 250g-250g which are average size I have had them over 400g.I can ship internationally from Australia by regular mail or express post.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB Red Atemoya seeds
« on: May 11, 2022, 07:08:07 AM »
WTB Red Atemoya seeds, thank you Mick

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Artocarpus Brevipedunculata
« on: April 24, 2022, 06:24:57 AM »
Hello Australian members
Iím enquiring if anyone is growing Artocarpus brevipedunculata in Australia or anyone has knowledge of this species growing in Australia? Thank you In advance for any knowledge in reference to this question.
Mick Mckinnon

I have seeds available of Golden soursop- Annona muricata var Golden and Imbe- Garcinia Livingstonii!

The Golden soursop is lovely and sweet rather than than sour, with flavor of pineapple, tree grows to 6 meters tall,
The Imbe is a lovely tangy tart sweet orange bursting with flavor fruit! and packed with vitamin C, this is a small dioecious tree like many in the garcinia family, growing to 3 meters tall, I live in Australia and will ship anywhere at buyers expense and choice or shipping, these rare seeds are $3US EACH! There is a minimum of 15 seeds per order or minimum of 20 seeds if you choose to take some of both, thank you Mick

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Ultra Rare Russels Sweet garcinia seeds for sale! These are seeds that will seldom be available, this is a holy grail fruit! Only aware of 2 fruiting female trees in Australia and non elsewhere? Please educate me if you know differently, This is another dieoceous variety in the garcinia family, Incredible fruit that on appearence is so smooth and shiny it can appear plastic, when ripe it has a texture of firm pawpaw and ripe mango, with flavors of apricot, orange, mango, pawpaw and rock melon! I have included a picture of the mature fruiting couple, these trees are at least 30 years old with the male on the left at about 12 feet. Seeds are $10 US each! with a minimum of 5 per order, I am willing to negotiate on large orders, the shipping method will be chosen and paid for by the buyer Thank you

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB seeds of Eugenia.multicostata
« on: June 22, 2021, 04:34:20 AM »
Hello WTB
Iím looking to buy seeds of Eugenia.multicostata is anyone growing this fruit tree or have access to one of these trees or the fruit? will pay generously for seeds! thank you
Mick Mckinnon


Coffee arabica red seeds US $1 each minimum order 25

Quararibea cordata also known as chupa chupa or matisia seeds US $2 each minimum order 25

Treculia africana also known as African bread nut or African breadfruit seeds US $2 each minimum order 25

All 3 fruits were harvested and seeds cleaned in last 3 days, super fresh seeds, I am in far North Queensland Australia, I and can ship world wide depending on shipping shut downs by Covid, shipping will be paid by buyer,  will ship which ever way desired, thank you Mick

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Rare/tropical fruit seeds for sale
« on: April 06, 2021, 05:29:55 AM »

Golden soursop seeds $4 USD

Duku seeds $3 eachUSD

Marang seeds $2 each USD

Seed grown select improved Ross sapote $3 each USD

Garcinia Intermedia $2 each USD

Garcinia Cambogia -yellow $3 each USD
 Also have some Annona pinks mamoth $2 each USD
Annona dwarf big eye $3 each USD
I live in far North Queensland Australia will ship any weíre at buyers choice, EMS recommended, minimum order of 10 seeds per fruit

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