Author Topic: Off topic, need an advice regarding some problematic plants.  (Read 115 times)


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Hello and sorry for this off topic question, i just cant wrap my head around as to whats going on with my decorative willows. They are having some problems with their leaves, the leaf starts to lose chlorophyll,  gets a little yellow at first, then starts to dry up from the edges towards the center. The closest thing that i found in the web, which the problem might be is pottassium defficiency. Its only happening on the oldest leaves. Plants look lush and green and healthy otherwise, but i know something is not wright. I am really carefull with the wattering, let them dry a little before the next waterring, they do not dry up to the point of wilting. Havent fertilized heavily also, and i also do not have it on all of my plants, my 2 year old ones(established plants) do not have it at all. Can someone help please?


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