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This is Julian Lara's favorite White Sapote. I have 2 available in 1 gallon pots, $85.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Wanted: South Florida Abiu Seeds/Scions
« on: September 29, 2023, 12:54:27 PM »
Hello all,

I'm looking for seedlings or scions of seedlings of Z2,Z4, Marisa, or any others (including good unnamed selections). besides E4 (already have). Only looking for seeds/scions off trees that have done well in South Florida.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Various Plants for Sale
« on: September 28, 2023, 12:15:57 PM »
Hello all,

Please see below. I am open to trade too. Unless otherwise noted, 1 available.

P. torta x P. caimito Hyrbid - 3 Gal - $150
Seeds from seedshunter. - P. torta supposed to have superior cold tolerance, but accounts vary. Fruit is smaller than regular abiu. I have regular P. torta, the fuzziness of leaves is there, but not as pronounced as P. Torta.

Regular mulchi - 0.5 Gal - $20
10 available

Sabra for grafting - Larger than pencil diameter - 0.5 gal - $15
10 available

Plinia sp "Red Ruby" - 3 Gal - $50

Plinia sp "Donna Gal" - 3 gal - $60

Plinia sp "Giant" - 1 Gal - $35

Syzegium Polycephalum - 1 Gal - $35

Guava sp "limo sweet" - 1 Gal - $35

Apple Guava -1 Gal - $25
1 available

Eugenia sp. "Pitangão Amarelo da Unicamp" - 0.5 Gal - $30 SOLD

Eugenia sp "Blackberry" - 0.5 Gal - $35 SOLD

Eugenia aff calycina - 0.5 Gal - $30
2 available

Grafted Cuban Fiberless and Grafted Whitman Fiberless - 1 Gallon - $35
1 available of each

Salacca zalacca var. amboinensis "Bali Salak Gula Pasir" - 0.5 Gallon - $40
From anderson

Zamia roezlii - 0.5 Gal - $20
2 available

Plinia rivularis - This is the red variety. 3 gallon about 2 years old. A long weeping form that is different from the other specimen I have.

Eugenia aff involucrata 'orange'
Read more here:

Eugenia itaguahiensis - Dwarf Grumichama

Pouteria sp Abiu Amarella Doce Muido - from bellamy

Eugenia spp Pitangão Amarelo da Unicamp - This has a very low spreading form. From bellamy

Syzygium polycephalum - This is less than 6 months, a very fast grower for me.

Eugenia spp de goiania

Lucs Garcinia var Pumpkin

Coloc (talisia floresii) - About 1.5 years, I have 3 avaliable

Plinia sp "Giant"

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Plinia inflata seeds
« on: June 22, 2023, 07:27:35 AM »
I have a very fresh batch of regular mulchi seeds (Plinia inflata) they are $3 each + shipping.

Nang Cem Cempedak (orange) 1.5 years (2 1 available) - $45

Outside of the very popular Cenna (Chenna) variety of jackfruit x cempedak hybrid, this is the only other named variety of this hybrid I've seen. There is an orange and a yellow type. This is the orange.

Kei Apple (Dovyalis caffra) - $35
2 year old seedling in 3 gallon container

Abiu Seedling "E4" (Pouteria caimito) - 2 avaliable - $45

Java Plum (syzygium cuminii) - 4 available - $15

Kwai Muk - 2 available - $15
6 month seedlings. Seeds from tradewinds

Plinia sp. Giant - 2 available -$25
4" pot - little less than 1 year old

Peanut Butter Fruit - $10

Eugenia parkeriana - $45
Approximately 1 year

Eugenia laugustrina - $25
Approx 1.5 years

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / E4 Abiu Seedling
« on: August 28, 2022, 12:46:30 PM »
I am selling 1 E4 Abiu Seedling that is approximately 6 months old. Price: $65 shipping included

Chaņar (Geoffroea decorticans) - These are seedlings from Marcos, I have 4 for sale. Also have an albino one, I'm not sure if this is typical with this plant, or if it will survive, but if you want it let me know.. All of these are 2 months old. $25

Eugenia Uniflora - Potentially Everbearing. We typically see Surinam Cherry flower in march-may in S.Fl., but these are seeds were collected from a specimen I found in Miami that was producing in November, which is not typical. There is report of a cultivar know as '706', which is everbearing, so this quality likely exists in this species. 4 Available, 1 year old. $20

Eugenia myrcianthes  - Uvia de Campo - Seedling, 2 months old. From tradewinds. 2 available. $25.

Kei apple - Dovyalis caffra - 2 years old - From sowexotics. These are 4 years seed to fruit. $35

Achachairu - Seedlings, 1 year old. These need to be put into bigger pots asap.   4 available. $25

Artocarpus heterophylus x integer -  Sri gudang variety. I got these from Jabba ..i think. I haven't seen this variety anywhere, and there is no information on the net for this cempejak. 4 month old, 5-6 inch in height. 2 available. $30.

Abiu "E4" - from Farewell fruit site, Australian variety with large fruit. These are the seeds. I only need 10, but there was a minimum order. (10 avaliable) $8 each

Annona reticulata x squamosa "Vino Tinto" - Seedling, 9 months old. Potentially from Vernmented.  1 Available. $35.

Annona reticulata "Yellow skinned" - Seedling, 9 months old. Potentially from Vernmented.  1 Available. $35.

Cuban Guava - From seedshunter, about 1 year old. 1 available. $30

Eugenia pyriformis - I forget the origin, but it was labeled as var. TS, which are my initials, so could have been a misunderstanding from seed sender. About 6 months old. $30

Imbe - Garcinia livingstonei - I got these from Richard Lyon's nursery in Homestead. They were sickly seedlings from the hermaphordite tree he has, but as you can see they have been nursed back to health and probably 2 years. 1 gallon pots. 2 available. $45

Eugenia selloi (Eugenia neonitida) Pitangatuba (Air layer) - This is off my fruiting tree, about 9 month old air layer. It's flowering as you can see - 3 gallon - 1 available $65

Hello all,

I received an order of seeds from forum member Han Sen and would like to extend an offer to others. Please understand I had to go through a lot of hoops to get these seeds here without confiscation. These ship from Florida.

Dabai (Canarium odontophyllum) - $12 each
Marang (Artocarpus odorissimus) - $10 each
Seedless Cempedak CH35 (Artocarpus integer) - $14 each

$5 flat shipping

I will be taking this post down in a few days to plant whatever isn't purchased. These seeds need to be planted. Thanks all!

Hello all! These are seedlings for Han Sens seeds. He can't ship to US right now, so I've had these sent from a friend in the UK to me. I had very high germination rate and wanted to offer the US community some mostly rare seedlings. I have only seen Cenna cempejack seedlings (not grafted) in US so far, so Nangcem is new. As you likely know, artocarpus doesn't always come true to seed.

If you have lived in S. Florida for the past 15-20 years, you know things have gotten much warmer, especially the winters, so I believe its time to start trying these colder sensitive artocarpus species.

I had a previous account Finca Loca, but after 1 month of trying and failing to get a password reset, I made this new account.

Credits to Han Sen, you can see the pictures of these fruits at his original thread:

Dabai ($25):

Cempejeck ($25) (please specify if you want the orange or yellow (slightly larger fruit)) :

Cempedak ($25):

Marang ($25):

Imbe ($25) - These are seedling trees(likely 2 years old) rescued from Roberts Nursery in Homestead, FL he confirmed these are from the hermaphrodite tree at the property:

I do grow 100% organic and inoculate all my seedlings, if that matters to you.

Thanks for visiting!!

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