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I processed a bunch and still have a good 10-20 lbs or more on the tree. $4lb 2.5lb minimum
Alano fruit average about 3-6oz each. 2.5lbs is about 7-10 fruit. You can email me at if PM doesn't go through.

Sorry, no shipping. Last two shipments of these practically melted in transit with this heat.

I am harvesting the last of my LZ fruit today 7/19. Any forum members in the SW Ranches/Weston/Pem. Pines area looking for decently priced RIPE LZ fruit, come pick them up today. I am done shipping in this heat!

$4lb today only. Fruit average 12-14oz each.

Email me for address in SW Ranches because PM service is very hit and miss on the forum lately.
PayPal, Venmo, or cash.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Seeds and Scions
« on: June 30, 2022, 12:09:52 PM »
All seeds are pressure cleaned before shipping. All budwood is wrapped in buddy tape
PM function on the forum has been problematic. Feel free to reach out to me directly this email:

Lemon Zest seeds $3 each minimum 10, + priority USPS mail shipping ($9)
Alano Sapodilla  $2 each, minimum 10 + regular post shipping ($5)
Bumpy Madrono $3 each, minimum 5 + regular post shipping ($5)
Abiu $3 each, minimum 5 + regular post shipping ($5)

Mango scions:
all are wrapped in buddy tape $5 ea, minimum 4 (mix and match ok) priority USPS mail shipping ($9)
Lemon Zest, Edward, Coconut Cream, and Cac

Round 2 of the clean out! These are for pickup only. I am in the Southwest Ranches area. A bunch of free katuk cuttings with any purchase!

3ft tall, 5 year old Grimal Jaboticaba - needs to be potted up. Not flowering yet, bark just beginning to exfoliate. $180 SOLD

6ft x 6ft 15 gallon Lemondrop Mangosteen (garcinia intermedia) flowered for the first time this summer $150 SOLD

12" 1 gallon Myrica cerifera (rootstock for Yangmei) $15 each or 2 for 25 (I have 4 of these)

12" 1 gallon  Yellow jaboticaba (Myrciaria glazioviana) $15 x 1 left

3.5 ft 3 gallon Mountain Cherry Guava (Psidium Longipetiolatem) need to be potted up to at least 5 gallon $60 x 2

1 gallon Urizun Japanese Winged bean vines $10 x 4

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Looking for Rosigold tree
« on: June 06, 2022, 12:32:13 PM »
Hey, Broward County folks. Was looking to support a local here in Broward who might have a 3 gallon grafted Rosigold for a friend who hit up the big box stores to no avail. Rather than drive around and kill my gas, thought I'd ask here first. Shoot me a PM if you have one you'd like to sell. Man do I miss Bender's Grove...

So this is round 1 of the cleanout. Local pickup only. Thanks, Keith

Psidium Longipetiolatum 3 gallon 24" x 2 $40ea TWO LEFT

Imbe (G. Livingstoneii) 5/gallon root-bound/recently pruned  about 4-5' tall - produces 95% male flowers $40 SOLD

Achacha (G. humilis) 7 gallon 48"  flushing new growth now. $120 SOLD

1-3 gallon Yellow Grumichama (seedling hasn't flowered, mother plant gives yellow fruit) $15

The following is a garcina collection of dubious identification. These seedlings were marked until several pots spilled over and now I am not 100% sure which is what. read the descriptions carefully an then take your bets! Either way they are all guaranteed to be either g. intermedia, g. brasilensis, g. acuminata, or g. humilis.

I am 90% certain that this DOUBLE pot (two plants in one container) is achacha (g. humilis) One plant is about 9" the other "6 $20

I am 90% certain that this double pot (two plants in one container) is either g. brasilensis (improved lemon drop mangosteen) or g. intermedia (lemon drop mangosteen). There is a slight chance that it is achacha. Plants are small, about 4-5" $15

I am almost 100% certain that this is garcinia acuminata (bumpy madrono) from my mother tree. It is about 6" tall. $10

Tropical Fruit Discussion / After 9 years - Lucs is about to ripen
« on: March 30, 2022, 07:19:21 PM »
Potted 9 year old seedling flowered for a 2nd time last fall. Here I am with the fruit about 3.5 inches long, finally coloring up. Those of you who have fruited this plant before, how orange should this get and what softness for optimum ripeness? Of course I am paranoid that a freaking squirrel or rat will get it long before then, so I will probably pick it way too early.

I know my g. acuminata will ripen to yellow and stay on the tree for a couple months. Thoughts anyone?

Parting with a few of my doubles - I hate to, but ... two of them, the Carambola and the Araza are fruiting and flowering now
I'm in SW Ranches and will be available Sunday all day. This is pickup only.

[b]Araza (eugenia stipitata)[/b] 5 years old fruiting with fruit on tree now $80 SOLD

Psidium Longipetiolatum 3-4 years old (52") flushing now $80 SOLD

Psidium Robustum 3-4 years old (32" tall x 40" wide) $80 SOLD

Carambola/Starfruit seedling 8 years old fruiting right now $40 - trunk 4.5 ft, canopy reaches 8-9ft (15 gallon)

Garcinia Acuminata (bumpy madruno) 12" with bonus 2nd smaller plant in the same pot(1 gallon) $10

Dragonfruit (pitaya) rooted/potted Vietnamese white  3-4ft tall (3 gallon) $10 ALL SOLD
Dragonfruit (pitaya) rooted/potted unknown red variety 3-4ft tall (3 gallon) $10

Jaboticaba - Red Hybrid 2.5 years old 12"x12" (1 gallon) $15 SOLD

Not pictured...
Sapodilla - alano seedlings - 2 years old  12-14"(1 gallon) $10 ALL SOLD

Just cleaning out a few more things. These are all pickup only in Southwest Ranches (Western Broward county). Note: none of the plants I am offering have fruited yet or flowered except for the Zill's Black. The Jaina White comes from a flowering mother plant. The g. intermedia should fruit within the next year or two. NEW PLANTS UPDATED AT BOTTOM

4ft, 3gallon rooted Jaina White dragon fruit x 3 $15 each (these are self-pollinating) 2 LEFT
and... 4ft, 3 gallon rooted Unknown Red dragon fruit x1 $10 SOLD

8-10" Hybrid Red Jaboticaba (2 years old) x 3 $15 each SOLD

~5ft, 7 gallon Garcinia Intermedia (lemon drop mangosteen) x 1 $80 (about 5 years old) SOLD

~4ft (recently trimmed), 15 gallon FRUITING SIZE Zill's Black Surinam Cherry $75 SOLD

20" 3 gallon, Pitangatuba $20 SOLD

8" 1 gallon Psidium Longipetiolatum $10 x2 ALL SOLD

"8-10 1-gallon Sapodilla (alano seedlings 2 years old) x 3 $15 each

"24 1-gallon Ice Cream Bean (inga feuillei) $15 SOLD

"15 3-gallon 1.5 year old achacha (G. humilis)$25 SOLD

"15 1-gallon Grumichama (yellow seedling) $15 SOLD

2ft 3-gallon Turmeric $12 x 2 each ONE LEFT

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mutant Lemon Zest fruit?
« on: June 04, 2021, 12:42:01 PM »
So this fell from my tree this morning. Was so high up in the canopy I didn't notice it until it dropped. So far I'm afraid to open it in case a hatchling xenomorph is still forming inside. I'll wait for backup when my wife gets home.

Anyone seen this happen before? Siamese twin mango fruit?

Normal Lemon Zest on the right, my siamese twin needing a bi-bopsy on the left

Cleaning up some of my unwanted/neglected plants for the summer ROUND ONE! The only plants here that have fruited before are the mulberry and the pitangatuba. Most need to be potted up. Gallon size is noted but look at the tape measure image for a better representation of plant size. Tape measure was from soil level of the pot for all pictures except for the last one with the Grumichama. Most are in heavy duty plastic pots.
For Pickup only - I am Southwest Ranches and will be available all day Sunday and Monday.

Shangri-La Mulberry (7-gallon) $40 SOLD

Pitangatuba (15 gallon) flowering now, but produces more fruit with a partner plant. Plant is about 7 years old. $80 SOLD

G. Intermedia (Lemon drop Mangosteen 3-5 gallon) needs to be potted up and looks a bit rough since it was face down in the shade for a few months $20 SOLD

G. Humilis (achacha 1 gallon) small x2 $10 ea. SOLD

Lucs Garcinia 1 - (5 gallon) new flush starting. Plant is 4 years old $60 SOLD

Lucs Garcinia 2 - (3 gallon) Plant is 4 years old $50 SOLD

Ice Cream Bean (7-10 gallon) seedling of Inga Feuillei $30 SOLD

Cac Mango (grafted 3 gallon, flushing heavy and needs to be potted up) $25 SOLD

Grumichama (1 gallon) seeds were from yellow fruit but this eugenia often reverts back to black. Won't know until it fruits. almost 2 feet wide but not very tall $20

Not pictured but also for sale in 1 gallon pots
Peanut Butter Plant Seedling (about 14 inches tall) $10
 Ice Cream Bean seedling (about 18 inches tall) $10

Cleaning up and getting rid of a few things. I am in West Broward - pick up only.

1. psidium longpetiolatum x 2 ($20 ea) SOLD
2. psidium robustum x 1 ($20) SOLD
3. garcinia humilis (achacha) seedlings x 4 ($10 ea) TWO LEFT
3. Lucs Garcinia x1 22" ($60) SOLD
4. Peanut Butter Fruit Tree x1 ($40) flowering/fruiting size SOLD
5. Inga sp. (was told Feuelli,5ft tall) x1 ($40) - not pictured
6. Seedling Carambola tree fruiting 6ft / 15 gallon ($80) - not pictured

I also have a large sized flowering/fruiting pitangatuba (7 gallon) for $50 and a fruiting sized 6ft g. acuminata (7 gallon that needs to be potted up) for $120 if anyone is interested. I can post pictures if anyone is interested. SOLD

g. humilis in 1 gal pots about 7-9" on average

Luc's Garcinia almost 2ft and over 3 years old.

Peanut Butter Tree over 4ft tall, flowering size

P. longipetiolatum on left, p. robustum on right about 20" on average

The larger the better but I'll consider whatever you have. I'm in South Florida.

Items I'll consider for trade or cash/trade
7 ft fruiting sized Rollinia (7 gal)
7 ft flowering abiu (7 gal)
6 ft flowering cacao
a couple smaller Luc's garcinias
fruiting g. acuminata
fruiting carambola
various sized ice cream beans (inga)
3 gallon Shangri-la mulberry
dragon fruit cuttings

also have seedlings of (6") psidium robustum and psidium longipetiolatum

This are for pickup - also looking to work a trade for a fruiting or large sized, grafted specimen of g. brasileinsis (superior lemon drop). All plants are seedlings. Located in SW ranches.

Garcinia Intermedia (Lemon Drop Mangosteen, mameyito, jorco) almost 4 ft tall - $50 each (I have 2 left!)
Garcinia Acuminata (Garcinia Madrono)  6+ft tall, fruiting size - $120 (one) SOLD
Rollinia (flowering size) 7+ ft tall, $120 (one)
Ice Cream Bean (Inga sp double trunked 26" - may be two plants together?) $40 (one)
Ice Cream Bean (Inga Sp single plant) 24" $30 (one)
Luc's Garcinia (small 12" - 2+ year old) $50 ea (I have 1 left!)
Luc's Garcinia (medium 40"x 36" triple trunked with a bush growth habit-  5+ year old) $120 SOLD

Garcinia Intermedia (Lemon Drop)

Garcinia Intermedia (Lemon Drop)

Garcinia acuminata (madrono)


Ice Cream Bean

Luc's Garcinia (5 year old)

Luc's Garcinia (5 year old)

Luc's Garcinia  (2+ year old) - plant #1

Luc's Garcinia  (2+ year old - with one branch) - plant #2

Cleaning out my home collection this weekend and have a few things I’m looking to sell off. Most are fruiting plants but I have a few ornamentals listed at the bottom. These plants are for pickup only. I am in Southwest Ranches. Venmo, PayPal or cash works. DM me what you want and I will reserve it for you. Pictures available upon request - can't upload here for some reason!

Luc’s Garcinia 1 gallon (8-10”) 3-years old x3 $50 ea.ONE LEFT
Red hybrid jabuticaba (fruiting) 15 gallon (nearly 6') 8-years old $200 SOLD
Garcinia acuminata (flowering) 7-10 gallon (5-6’) x 2 $120 ea. SOLD
Garcinia Hombriniana (seashore Mangosteen) 7-10 gallon (5') x1 8-years old $100 SOLD
Rollinia (not yet flowering)7-10 gallon 8-year old seedling from Fruit & Spice Park (7ft) $120
Sugarcane (unknown variety) 5 gallon x1 $10
Pitangatuba 3-5 gallon (fruiting) x 2 $30 ea. SOLD
Barbados Gooseberry 1 gallon x2 $10ea.
Mature Pineapple 3 gallon (unknown variety) x2 $5 ea. SOLD
Banana Dwarf Orinoco (not 100% certain) 3-gallon $10
Shangri-La mulberry 3-5 gallon (2-4 ft tall) x 2 $25 ea. ONE LEFT

Rooted Dragon fruit cuttings: $8ea. Only Vietnamese whites left, large rooted  pieces (12+”)
Vietnam white x3
s8 Sugar Dragon) x2 SOLD
Haileys comet, x2 SOLD
Cosmic Charlie x1 SOLD
Ben Hoa red x1 SOLD

also, if you are interested in Katuk Seeds (harvested this past January) I have them 100 for $10.

Rangoon Creeper 3-gallon x2 $10ea
Dutchman’s pipevine 3 gallon x3 $10 TWO LEFT
Green/Blue Jade vine 3-5 gallon 3-years old x 2 $50ea ONE LEFT

South Florida members:

Looking for a few good folks to go in on a combined shipping order.
I received the following email from Linda Nickerson regarding her variety of the Thompson s-8

“We can ship Sugar Dragon cuttings to Florida, but since I cut fairly large cuttings, they must go in a large, flat rate box, $25 for shipping and handling.  The cuttings are only $8 each, and I can get 15 - 20 per box, so it would be best if you could find someone to go in on some cuttings with you.  We have another variety that is delicious that you can't get anywhere else called Maria Rosa.  It is a pale pink, large, very sweet, and hardier than Delight., that you might be interested in.  We think Sugar Dragon is the only self fertile magenta-fleshed variety available on the market right now.”

So I’m thinking if we get at least 10 or more orders we can get these for about $10-$12 a cutting, shipped. I’m happy to make my home the pickup spot. I live in SW Ranches (just west of I-75 in central Broward).

 If you are interested, Pm me directly

While not a fruiting plant, I know there are collectors on here who might be interested in a trade with this beautiful flowering vine. Obviously looking for a domestic (stateside) trade to keep costs down.
Will consider another option other than mangosteen.

Might as well add, I can sell this vine as well $15 plus shipping for a 1 gallon bare rooted plant at least 24" tall

So I was looking to grow a bunch of climbing vines in 1-2 gallon pots but I need to keep them in tight groups due to space. Does anyone have suggestions regarding 1. A cheap yet effective support for the climber (a single bamboo stake?), and 2. Whether or not to simply keep pruning/pinching the top to maintain a bush shape until ready to sell/plant out.

My concern is that they will all begin wrapping around one another and make separation a nightmare later one.
Thanks, Keith

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Galaxy mango
« on: May 01, 2016, 09:03:57 PM »
Hey everyone,
So my little Galaxy purchased at Bender's 2 years ago needs to be stepped up from its current 10 Gal to either a 15 or needs to be dropped into the ground. But I don't want to commit another Keitt (read: lanky and rather unattractive) to my yard until I've had a chance to really check out the taste and color (thats really the only reason I bought it to begin with).

So, does anyone have a fruiting tree and can someone take some newer  pictures of the fruit as it nears maturity? And who will actually have fruit this year at all? I can swap!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Cherry of the rio grande dieback
« on: August 05, 2015, 05:49:38 PM »
Does anyone have any experience with dieback on this Eugenia? I have a 3-4 year old potted tree that goes through these periods and then recovers. I'm not fertilizing much and the water stays a little on the dry side (I've read to avoid overwatering). Use only rainwater it well-water, gets full sun most of the day. Is this species of Eugenia prone to this? You think this may lessen if I plant it out?
Tired of pruning back dead wood on a non-fruiting plant every 5-6 months.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / jabo seedling IDs
« on: November 30, 2014, 08:32:38 PM »
Hi guys. These three jabo seedlings were given to me a few years ago (one of them is from Adam). They are about 1.2-2.5' tall in 5 gallon pots might be about 3 years old or so. Any clues? Thanks in advance.

all three side by side

I have both g. Hombronia and Luc's Mexican lemoncillo. Same batch of seeds, same shade, same nutrients, same soil. Most are growing fine as in the picture below. But as you notice in the other two images, same exact plants exhibit a Bunchy top issue (something I am familiar with in bananas) where several dwarf series of leaves emerge, stay predominantly yellow and essentially seems to inhibit vertical growth.

Any ideas on the culprit? Potential treatment? (Middle is seashore mangosteen, bottom is Luc's)

So I have a bunch of 3-6 month old seedlings that just got hit hard by thrips in my shadehouse for a second time. Usually I manually remove them then apply soap/water. I have them under control now, but in a few weeks I will be leaving them unattended for a bit of time and contemplated the use of a systemic like imidacloprid on them to ensure some protection in my absence.

So my question is, how much for such a small container (cup to pint size and a couple larger ones in a 1gal)?
Any potential adverse affects if I over apply (the watering system is self contained, so no leaking into the environment)?

Label and online sources don't say anything in particular about seedlings. Just 2 tsp/gal
Thanks for your thoughts.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Rollinia leaf discoloration
« on: January 19, 2014, 09:46:13 AM »
I have several rollinia deliciosa seedlings that recently began developing these brown veins. Any guess as to the cause? I did notice it happened after a good dose of diluted fish oil fertilizer. Don't know if it's even related. Ideas?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Pitangatuba or Mexican garcinia?
« on: August 05, 2013, 12:00:53 PM »
Hey everyone. Need a seedling ID. One of these is Berto's pitangatuba, the other, Luc's unnamed Mexican garcinia. I obviously mislabeled a couple of my seeds. Which is which?

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