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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Dullish avocado
« on: March 23, 2022, 11:09:39 AM »
This is my lila avocado from last year before putting it in the ground. Just posting so you can compare to yours.
Thank you so much for the photo. your tree looks nice and healthy! Is this a recent photo?
Based on this photo my Lila definitely has some issue. Specially the folded leaves must indicate something. May be too much/little water or some nutrients deficiency? Wish someone knew the exact symptom!

Could just be varities difference you never said what varieties you picked up? I would quess that the yellowesh one a some mexican varital in it!
Yes thats what i was hopping as well. But thanks to GFC's picture, it looks like his Lila has much greener, flat, leathery "avocado looking" leaves. bit more worried now !

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Dullish avocado
« on: March 21, 2022, 03:36:17 PM »
I recently got two avocado trees. Waiting for them to get acclimated before I plant it. But one tree is turning dull. The leaves are somewhat folded, rough and yellow tint. Even the branches turning bit yellow. on the other hand the other tree lively green, flat, leathery, shinny. Though same size but next to each other two look like two different species!

I know turning leaves yellow seasonally is ok for avocado. But when i see them side by side, i can't help but to wonder if something is wrong with it. Please let me know if anyone has any idea. or have seen something similar

on the left green one is Joey and on the right yellow one is Lila

I'm on your west (9b). Back in 2017 i ordered a 3-4ft Grenada Pomegranate from WillisOrchards . It flowered like crazy first year. did not set fruit. i have same issue with many other trees. I was away for about a month and my sprinkler stopped working. the tree went in drought stress and died after few months. :(

Later i bought one from local nursery. I can't be sure because there was no tag, they said it was Grenada. i also bought one more from Lowes, it was Wonderful Pomegranate . Both trees are in ground for over three years. Trees doing ok. but none had any flower yet  :(

it would be really nice if we could find some variety that grows in central Florida!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Air layring strawberry guava
« on: March 16, 2022, 09:25:09 PM »
Basically i have a big tree in a location i don't want big. Every once in a while i cut big branches. If i could air layer, i would end up having ready made large-fruiting tree!.
I don't know why but in my location seedling doesn't grow fast. i have 3-4 strawberry guava seedling... about two years old. they are about 6" tall and thin as USB cable!

I tried cutting as well. multiple times. well.... not small cutting, but 2 ft branch. As far as i know, anything that can be rooted from cutting has better chance air layering.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Air layring strawberry guava
« on: March 15, 2022, 10:39:03 PM »
Has anybody tried or had any success air layering a Strawberry guava tree (Psidium cattleyanum)?
I tried twice. Even with rooting hormone, it doesn't grow root. Any ideas?



I appreciate what you are saying about the expected dew point temperature and, based on that I am in for a scary weekend coming up as our area is in a cold pocket that generally runs about 5 degrees below the Lakeland, Florida temperatures.  Based on the Weather Underground forecast for the upcoming weekend late season cold front, our remaining Mango trees that have again started blooming could suffer significantly.  The only potential saving grace for us is that the worst of the cold is predicted to be short lived.  Hoping that as the weekend nears, the predictions change for the better.

Its probably still too far to accurately say anything. As i mention and shown, even next day temperature forecast can be 10-15 degrees off. Hourly forecast in five days advance, is completely scam! But yes, we need to monitor the situation. By Saturday morning we might have some idea. As of now... it could go either way.

I am in north east Orlando, official lowest temp by weather report was 26f but i think we got lower. I lost all 3yo sugar apples (thai, na dai, kampong). All 3yo atemoyas are fine. Geffner died back a little and Lisa is totally like nothing happened.
Starfruit , 3 yo, died to bigger blanches but alive.
Mai1 jack in 7gal, could hardly handle 30f so it was inside.
Unknown jack that had no issues with 30f, died back to the last 10inches of trunk.
 Kaffir lime has bad damage while other citrus are fine.
Red jabos, restinga have top damage, Sabara is like nothing happened.
Funny, i had dill and parsley not covered and nothing happened to them.
Thanks for sharing. We should make a list of these info.
In horticulture specific information is very hard to come by. All info out there is a vague... range... estimate... expectation. nothing specific or certain.

But what we are sharing here, is very specific. X location, x temperature, x variety, x size/old... lived/died/cameback. if we had large quantity specific data as such, then we could derived some useful information for that data. Otherwise saying things like a "Tamarind tree is hardy at zone 9" means absolutely nothing at micro range for a specific grower.

For example Elephant apple is generally consider less hardier then say Tamarind. Which is true at some extent. I had 4 Elephant apple trees 150+ft away from each other. They all died on Jan 24th when temperature were about 26F (ish). Tamarind had practically no damage. A week later when temp dipped below 20F, the Tamarind died. Elephant apples were dead a week before. so it wasn't any worse for them. But what i saw yesterday... blew my mind. after five weeks, three out of four Elephant apples now have new growth at the root/trunk base!! about 10 times bigger Tamarind tree still dead as rock. Now that is a information that worth knowing!

Question, is Lisa is the hardiest Atemoya on your property? What variety was the third one? how did that do?

Watch the "Dew point temperature", usually that will tell you the eventual low temperature in calm conditions. It will be worse in lowert areas where coldest air pools up, and in open areas with fewer trees and windbreaks. Even a 100 ft wide open area will frost while a more densely planted area adjacent will be protected. On cold still clear nights lots of heat stored in the ground will belost as radiation into the night sky. Just as clouds block sun on a hot day and hold in heat on a cloudy night, dense foliage blocks re-radiation of stored heat in the ground.
Yes. you are absolutely right. I knew this but didn't know how big the difference is! I haven't measured it yet, but just a wild guess, area under big dense Oak trees can be up to 10 degree warmer then open empty yard! That's the difference between life and death of any sub-tropical tree.

I'm currently doing research to find edible hardy trees that can act as "protector". Will open a new topic to discuss on that soon.

Sorry for all your cold damage. Given all your tropical trees I would consider moving at least 100 miles further south.
On the waste cost of Florida... 100 mile south is basically Port Charlotte or even further down Fort Myers....  not good enough... unless near the coast line, at lease waste of I41.
Few Acres of land near the coast line $M... not happening on my caliber. Need to win a lottery jackpot first! lol
On the East coast Hollywood/Miami... even more costly!
Building a gigantic greenhouse here probably would be much more economical.

sorry for your loss.
By the way, which variety of grafted Canistel did you have?
Not sure what variety. Nursery guy didn't know. there was no label on the tree either. Is there any Canistel variety that is more cold hardier than other? Like Lila for avocado?

I am also waiting to see what actual damage my trees received.
If you watered heavy the night before you may have saved the roots ....
Thanks for sharing. Misery loves company.
I'm amazed to see your mango growing back from the trunk. Very rare. Do you know the variety/root stock?
Actually its the Weather forecast that let me down more than the cold. on Jan 23night forecast was 34F for my area. but actual temperature on that night, well more precisely on 24th morning was bellow 25F. Thatís a 10 degree miss for the same night prediction.
I usually don't cover the tree at above 32F. Tree should be exposed to that temperature in order to "train" them!
But i didn't count on 10 degree miss. There were multiple factors. First when they say "to night's lowest" they mean up to 12AM. Low temperature in the morning forecasted as part of next day temperature. I unluckily didnít check hourly temperature up to morning that afternoon.  Second, forecast itself can be very inaccurate. Even without considering micro climate. If you see live temperature on the map, you would see two weather station next to each other report up to 5/6 degree different.

Because actual official weather station count hasn't changed much since 80s. So all these new ages hourly forecast is based on crowd sourcing data. People buy weather station from Amazon and all these company collect the publicís data. What they don't count is that some people put their station in the garage and other installs it on top of their fire pit! And that stupidity ripples down to national forecast!
If I knew temperature will go that low on 23rd night, I would have add some protection. And then when temperature was forecasted low again after a week, I was already pissed. Thought damage was already done. So I didnít protect that night either. I was so wrong. Coz, it was lot colder on 30th.  I was like the frog in the puddle, slow cooked by the sun!
But thatís life!

 hasn't change much since 80s. So all these new age hourly forcast is based on crowd sourcing. People buy weather station from amazon and all these company collect the publics data. What they don't count is that some people put their station in the grage and other install it on of their fire pit. And that stupidity reippls down to national forcast


Sorry to hear about your losses mate that really sucks I couldn't imagine losing so many plants.  We have the opposite problem here at the moment unrelenting heat wave day after day, quite a few of my young trees are severely sunburnt and will probably die.
Thanks. Yes it hurts even more for those of us on budget, and had to do everything on our own. For the most part, I collected, planted and maintained all of them on my own without help of third hand. Money ok, but sweet & blood (work in the yard when Florida mosquito works with you!) hard to swallow. And storiesÖ. each of those trees had background stories that now erased.  But one can't fight fate!

Believe it not even on cooler zone 9b I can relate you there! Lost a Cherry (Minnie Royal- supposed to be Florida friendly!), a plum and few Peaches last year to the Sun! Its like i got worse of both world!

Wow bummer man, I know your frustration we had a long duration freeze this year also not as cold as your reports but 28-30F for 5-6hrs which really did the damage in Caifornia 9b. This is not my first nor last event like this even though the temps are getting warmer over all in Winter here.(global warming)
Sorry for your loss I lost some avocado's that were in full bloom hoping to get fruit this year ah well shit happens!! The price we pay to push the enevolpe of growing some sub-tropicals and Tropicals. If your young you can start again old fart's like me are running out of time. Keep growing  8) :( ;)
Man you lost a ton of stuff, like I used to say well room to grow something else!! Hang in there!

Thank you. Don't know what to say. Location wise I'm in solid 9b. Just bit more inland from Tampa 10a area. But thatís not what my thermometer says! its more like zone 8!! :(
But as you said.... shit happens. Few comfort did come out from this horrific massacre. After losing half a dozens guava trees year after year, now I have a guava (not Cattley bs! but an actual guave!) tree that lived through full night of bellow 20F temperature! Now I can clone the heck out of it and never have to worry about guava! So is the survived Lychee and Macademia... I lost each of them (different variety) in 2018 cold spell.
So I suppose if we keep at it, eventually we will be rewarded with some hard to kill trees that will survive against all odds. That's what we look forward to.

The Jan 29th(night) 30th(morning) 2022 cold spell probably was one of the coldest in decades in central Florida. Though I only see few topics on the forum with documented damage report/stats. Iím in zone 9b, itís not exactly tropicsÖ but letís add my sob story for the record!

I know its been a while. I waited a month to confirm if any tree comes back from root/trunk.

Location: Zone 9B. Central Florida. About 5 miles south of I4 & 45 miles East of Clearwater beach. Somewhat opened area. Microclimate wise, I would say my property is generally bit colder than neighboring area (no clue why!  :-\). Following is my observation on January 24th and 30th.

January 23-24th

Nearest weather station reported, Low 26.5F.

Dead trees (brown/dried leaves/ no green under bark after 5 days):
Elephant Apple (Dillenia indica): Multiple 4+ years old seedlings
Sugar apple: Grafted 7ft tall. Planted on ground 3 years back
Guava (pink): Two years old
Jackfruit: Unknown variety 5 years old seedling.
Imbe (Garcinia Livingstonei): one years old seedling:

Partially damaged:
Logan: 5 years old Grafted. 7ft tall
Mango: 5 years old grafted Valencia pride variety was mostly ok. 3 years old grafted Mallika variety decent amount damaged. Few other 3 years of tommy atkins seedlings were also ok
Jabuticaba: Unconfirmed variety. 4ft bushy tree. Bought it as 3 gallon tree. Put it on the ground 3 years ago. Dropped leaves. Still has green under bark.
 Guava (wild Florida variety): Partly damaged leaves.
Moringa: All leaves/flower died. Still green under bark
Canistel: 3 years old, 6ft grafted tree. Partially damaged. outer leaves turned brown
Wampee (Clausena Lansium): 2 years old seedlings. Leaves turned yellow. Potted one, seated under a oak tree was ok.
Manila tamarind: Majorly damaged: leaves turned brown. The one, Potted and protected under oak tree was ok.
Wood apple (Limonia Acidissima): Some leaves turned yellow
June plum (Spondias Dulcis), leaves died. Still green under bark
Guajilote (parmentiera Edulis): Outer leaves turned brown
Jacafruit: Golden nugget variety.  4 years old grafted, outer leaves turned brown
Sapodilla (Achras Zapota): 4 years old air layered. Outer leaves turned yellow
Star fruit: 5 years old grafted. Previously died back to 2 ft in 2018. Most Leaves turned yellow/brown. Still had few leaves on one tree and green under bark.
Black Sapote: 4 years old grafted. Partial damage on leaves. Outer leaves turned brown.
Lemon Bay Rum: 4 years old. Outer leaves turned brown


January 29-30th

Nearest weather reported, Low 22.4F. But it definitely was much lower. at least on my property. I put my Acurite room thermostate on the porch for few minutes at around 11PM and it reported 20F. Keep it in mind that temperature kept dropping till morning. and on open yard its colder than porch. My DIY temperature sensor recorded ~16F! at 6AM Jan 30th! My sensor was located on the open yard. 6Ē above ground. Official weather station usually record temperature at 4 Feet above ground.

Confirmed dead (brown/dried leaves & branch/ no green under bark/No grow back. Observe after one month, no sign of life)
Everything reported dead on Jan 24th, plusÖ.
Logan: 5 years old Grafted. 7ft tall
Mango: 5 years old grafted valencia pride. 3 years old grafted Mallika. Few other 3 years of tommy atkins seedlings. All dead.
Jackfruit: Golden nugget variety.  4 years old grafted. This Jackfruit tree survived cold of 24th januray. But died on 30th.
June plum (Spondias Dulcis), 3ft tall. 4 years old air layered. It had some protection on the north side from large oak trees.
Canistel: 3 years old, 6ft grafted tree.
Starfruit: Two trees about 4ft bushy
Tamarind: 5 years old air layered. 8ft tall, branchy trees. Sour variety. About 3 inch trunk diameter at the base. It had some protection on the north side from large oak trees. Died. After one month observation, no new growth. no green under bark. I had one more smaller tamarind, sweet variety. It was planted surrounded by oak tree. That tamarind tree lived.
Manila Tamarind: Multiple two years old seedling.
Black Sapote: 4 years old grafted.
Sapodilla (Achras Zapota): 4 years old air layered.
Lemon Bay Rum: 4 years old.
Limoncello: 1ft, 1 year old seedling.
Pitomba: 2 years old on pot
vegetable hummingbird: 2 years old 7ft tall

Partially damaged:
Moringa: I had bunch of moringa/drumstick trees. Thin trunk oneís died and didnít grow back. The oneís had over 2 inch trunk diameter. I notice new growth from trunk after 3 weeks. Thin brunch died back.
Jabuticaba: Unconfirmed variety. 4ft bushy tree. Bought it as 3 gallon tree. Put it on the ground 3 years ago. Dropped leaves. Initially appeared dead. New leaves started grow on 4th week. Total branch loss about 5%.
Guava (wild Florida variety): 3ft tall. Two years old seedling. Dropped leaves. Initially appeared dead. Observe new growth after 2 weeks. Most outer and thinnest branch died back. I would say 15% branch loss.
White Sapote (Casimiroa Edulis) : one years old seedling. Dropped leaves. Tender branch died back. Started vigorous new growth after 2 weeks
Wampee (Clausena Lansium): 2 years old seedlings. Less than 2ft tall. Dropped all leaves. Observed slow new growth few inch above root after a month.
Wood apple (Limonia Acidissima): 3ft tall. 5 years old seedling. Dropped leaves. Initially appeared dead. After 3 weeks, observe new growth at about 6 inch above the base. Total branch loss I would say 60%.
Guajilote (parmentiera Edulis): was 3ft tall branchy air layered tree. About 2 inch trunk diameter. It died back to root. After 3 weeks new sapling grow from root.
Neem: 12ft tall, 3+ inch trunk diameter.4 years old seedling. All leaves turned brown/dry. Initially appeared dead. Started slow new growth all over the tree after 4 week.
Jamun (Syzygium cumini): 5years old seedling  5inch trunk diameter. 20+ft tall. Endured decent damage on outer leaves and thin branch. But the tree is ok. Total branch loss, I would say 10%
Amla ( Emblica Officinalis): 10ft tall, 3+ inch trunk diameter.4 years old seedling. All leaves turned brown/dry. Initially appeared dead. Started fast new growth all over the tree after 3 week
Barbados cherry(Malpighia emarginata): 5years old. 7ft tall bushy. Was fruiting last two years. Sustained major damage. Dropped most of its leaves. 70% tree/branches died back. As of after a month, it still has some green leave and few new slow grow
Lychee: unknown variety: 5 years old air layered. Survived with some leaf and young branch damage
Macadamia: unknown variety: 2 years old air layered. Survived with some leaf and young branch damage
Jamaican Cherry (Muntingia calabura): Potted. 4ft tall. I moved it inside a metal shade. Leaves softened overnight. (lesson: unheated metal shade isn't any better than unprotected). Full tree turned brown after few days. After 4 weeks i see new growth from the root.

I uploaded two videos recording the damage in case anyone interested. The video was only after few days of cold. Report here confirmed after a month.
Tropical Tree cold damage 24th January 2022 Central Florida
Tropical Tree cold damage 30th January 2022 Central Florida

Tropical Vegetables and Other Edibles / Re: Tree identification
« on: August 18, 2019, 07:05:22 PM »
I just took the photo while i was driving by. No close ups :(

Wasn't sure if this is "Tropical" or not. so just posted under everything else. too late to change now i guess.

Tropical Vegetables and Other Edibles / Tree identification
« on: August 17, 2019, 11:06:20 AM »
Hi everyone.
Anybody has any idea what tree this might be?


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Stressed Avocado tree
« on: June 23, 2019, 12:17:07 PM »
Thanks. I will check. But its very odd. considering its in a pot and potting mix soil. very well drain.

it has a automatic dipper. set for 12 hours interval 10 minute duration. I haven't measure exactly how much. the flow probably 4/5 gallons per hour. so it should be under one gallon every drip interval

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Stressed Avocado tree
« on: June 22, 2019, 01:33:00 PM »
I have an avocado tree. I bought it from local nursery about a year and half ago. Its Lila variety. It was on a 3 gallon pot. After I bought it, I transfer it to a 25 gallon pot. I wanted to make it little more matured before I plant it on the ground. I also wanted to see how this year winter goes. Iím on 9b.

The tree grown pretty well since in transferred to the larger pot. It become about 5ft tall and 1+ inch trunk diameter. With good brunching. Around February the tree flowered heavily. And I mean really heavy.

Pictures in February

About few dozen become fruit, eventually some dropped and about 20 become larger than 1 inch. Around April  we had few windy days. the supporting stick broke and the tree leaned down. believe it or not... It happened twitch Ö means stick broke two times! And between the times I fixed the issue... few days the tree was rattled good by the wind.  :(

Started round May I see the leaves becomes yellow. Fruits are falling down. New leaves try to come out but not success. Eventually defoliated branches stared dying and drying to black stick. Last few days I see the remaining fruits on the tree (about six of them) started withering and wrinkled on the tree.
More dead branches, more yellow and withered out leaves.

Current photos

I applied some tropical fruit tree fertilizer few weeks ago. Didnít help.

The symptom look like root rot but since it on the pot and good soil, I donít think thatís the case. Could be due to that wind stress, but not totally convinces either.

Anybody has any idea whats happening? Any suggestion on how to save the tree?


Apology for bumping old topic.
Anybody has any idea where to find tree/seeds of Yuanhong /Chenzi/ Wuye cultivars? (in Florida)
or any new other cultivars thats proven some what more cold tolerant than usual verities?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Anthracnose Resistance - Mango
« on: May 28, 2018, 10:48:55 PM »
Sorry to bump up an old topic. But this is perfect topic for my need. I'm looking for some Anthracnose Resistant mango variety. Maybe some more info came out in the last six years since this topic.

'Carrie' is the most fungus-resistant variety that I know.   I recently noticed another in a variety collection, that is called 'Ryan"--- very clean bloom, surrounded by trees eaten up with powdery mildew;  I don't know anything about the fruit.
I have Carrie mango tree (unless the nursery lied!). It had quite a few flower but they all were devastated by the Anthracnose. So what I see Carrie is not the most fungus-resistant after all! I also have a VALENCIA PRIDE that's also affected. I tried to trim all the infected branches. but infection persisting. all the new leaves coming out are getting black in matter of days. Fighting pathogen is futile, so lets jut give up and look for naturally resistant variety.

I see in the earlier discussion mentions about some "cultivars". But I don't recognize them as any of the available variety now days. I also found a recent paper by Gupta & Singh that concludes "Nariayal" and "Chenna Swarnarekha" to be the most resistant. But I have now idea what they are. are they mango variety or name of the cultivator or place!

Anybody has any updated info?

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