Author Topic: Selling some sprouts & germinated seeds for cheap - local pickup only in SD  (Read 170 times)


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Hello fellow tropical geeks.

I have a few too many plants sprouting and I wanted to share the love.  This is for local pickup in San Diego area only.

Thai White guava (1 whole small tray available) - $2
These are outdoors already in a unheated greenhouse and taking the end of winter cold like a champ.

Bo Hong Star Apple - Chrysophyllum Cainito (3 available) - $3 each
Obtained from Frankies Nursery in Hawaii.  Apologies for having them in plastic bottle greenhouses for now so not the best container but they are happy for now.

Pitangatuba - Eugenia Selloi (1 available) - $4

Red Sugar Apple - Annona Squamosa germinated seeds (2 available) - $1 for both

These are inflation busting prices for some babies ready for spring and that is why I also will not ship them.  Shoot me a message if interested.


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