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Please help Oroville fire victim, fellow fruit grower!

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I joined a fig forum this year and met lots of wonderful members. If youíre into figs, you know that some of the rare varieties sell for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I was completely new there but members contacted me and gifted me with many expensive fig trees even though they didnít know me, although some did know me from this forum.

Anyways, we have a fellow fruit grower in need of help. He lives in Oroville and his name is Doug(BlueMalibu). His sons house burned down and he lost his livelihood.

You can read more about it here:

I already donated and Iím asking everyone that can afford it to please chip in! Every little bit helps.

Here is his PayPal address if you can help chip in

Please bump this thread to show your support and also to allow other members to see this post. Iíve only been coming on this forum every couple days because I have to do the distant learning with my two daughters and I might not have seen this thread if it were on an older page.

Thanks in advance! Just know that I would do the same if we had a member here that was affected. Natural disasters can affect any of us and itís awesome to see that the fruit community has caring people that support one another!


Help our fellow fruit-growing enthusiasts if you can.

Thank you for spreading the word here, Simon.
I did my part already.

Doug is a super nice person, and a generous fella, I hope we can all make a difference.

Thanks for doing this for your friend and for letting us know.


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