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Garcinia madruno harvest

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Tree made 5 perfect fruit, second year fruiting but later harvest than last time by 2 months and it still has 2 small fruits developing but not sure they will stay through winter.

Super sweet and delicious, tie between mangosteen as favorite garcinia in my opinion.

Congrats!  The leaves look small compared to what I grow as madruno and the trees I have eaten from in Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico fruits were also twice the size of your bigger fruit. But I guess madruno may be a generic name for bumpy garcinias.

Do you have any idea of how old the tree is? When it flowers, does it produce a bunch of flowers, most of which fall off or does it only produce a few flowers, of which most turn into fruit? My flowering tree and another I know of seem to have male and female flowers.

Mike T:
I think this species is one of he tastiest and the fruit will get bigger as the tree gets older. The common name is confusing as quite a few species get called madrono in Ecuador.

Congratulations, that is a nice looking plant. Is it in a 25 gallon pot?  How tall and wide is it?  I have a plant but it is only two feet tall.


Had my first charichuela fruit in a long time,I neglected that poor tree to long .Now looks very good.Fruit is similar to your round one but lemon shape and larger.Taste very nice.I think the seed was from Adolf Grimals tree.That tree was moved to fruit and spice park where it died(stress and cold winters at that time)


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