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Illama germination

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Someone posted about their seeds not sprouting recently.  I tried to dig up the thread but couldnt find it.  Anyway I saw this on faceborg today.  It basically says the seeds take 6-9 months to form an embryo and fresh seeds are hollow. 

Itay Gazit:
Hi Brad,

From my experience, sometimes it takes 6 months to germinate and sometimes 2 weeks


Interesting. Cherimoya seeds look hollow when cracked open, with gill-like structures, so I wonder if he cracked open older ilama seeds to confirm the change. I didn't get a picture of the inside of the ilama seeds I cracked open, but I thought they looked more viable inside than the cherimoya seeds, below.

I have never experienced hollowed fresh Ilama seeds, but below method has worked for me and not only with Ilama. Tedious to setup but it works for me.

It takes weeks not month in a green house or during summer. I sold hundreds of seeds to a FL buyer after one month in winter here is the results.


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