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Mango varieties still hanging on the tree? Other tropic fruit in season

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I still have Malika Orange Sherbert Sweet Tart hanging and about to start harvesting a bumper crop of large pink guavas and white guavas. I also have Barbados cherries that should be ready in a couple of weeks

Just starting to harvest sweet tart


Enjoy those Sweet Tarts!  They're amazing. 

I had sweet tart for the first time this year and it was a disappointment. But I want to give it another try. Do you know where they still sell them?
Is it possible that this cultivar likes close to ocean? The one that I had was from Excalibur, so far inland. Or maybe picked too early. It was sitting for a week to mature.
Other varieties from Excalibur were great, especially Beverly, my new love.

I really want to hear about Orange Sherbet.  How intense the flavor can be.  I tasted only one, and it was a mere shadow of PPK flavor bomb.  But I've heard from others that it, too, is a flavor bomb.

I would love to hear about Orange Sherbet too. I swear I am not your stalker, John, although I piggyback on your posts. I just have one OS in a pot waiting to be planted, but I still can change my mind, because I have other candidates in consideration (Angie, Pina Colada, Sugarloaf, NDM4)


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