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Mango id please: ST Maui or alphonso?

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I grafted a few scions bought from Alex of Tropicalfarm 3 years ago and now those grafts holding fruits. I believe these fruits are either ST Maui (Alex's Scion) or Alphonso, but I'm not sure which one. When some of the small fruits dropped I crushed and smelled them -- the smell was a very strong Indian type, like Himam Pasand and so I think they are Alphonso. But does ST Maui also smell Indian mango -- my guess is not?

When I grafted those scions, I only grafted half of them at my place and the other half at my sister tree, where I might have grafted all of the the ST Maui scions. At the same time I also grafted some Alphonso that I saved from an Alphono graft tree from FL that had died.

The large fruit is about the normal store bought Kent, quite big, and I'm a bit surprised at the size for the first batch of fruits with the graft a little less than 1" trunk.

The fruit in the photo is ST Maui


--- Quote from: Squam256 on August 23, 2021, 10:32:45 AM ---The fruit in the photo is ST Maui

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Thank you, Alex.
Then I believe ST Maui young fruit has the Indian variety smell (Himam Pasand), unless there is an Alphonso graft that had some fruits that fell off and no mature fruit remain. I will look careful to see if there is a grafted branch (alphonso) that holds no fruit.

The tree is a cocktail top-worked from the original FL grafted Glenn, with Okrung Tong, Maha, Edward, Alphonso (to be verified),
ST Maui, Himam Pasand (but the graft is the weakest and only about 5" tall, while other grafts already hold fruits), and Cac Hoa Loc which has not send out any shoots yet after more than 2 years (but the scion, veneer grafted,  now grows with the rootstock brand and so now it became flat instead of round, and I don't think it will ever send out any shoots unless I cut off every above it).

Well, this means I won't have any Alphonso fruits to eat this year yet. But I will find out which young fruits fell off that smelled so strong of Indian variety.

So I carefully checked all the grafts on this cocktail tree: no Alphonso graft on it. So either Sweet Tart or ST Maui has the Indian spicy smell (as Himam Pasand and Alphonso) when crushing the small young fruits.

Oh well, so no Alphonso to eat this year again. I grafted one on the Kent seedling rootstock 3 years ago. The branch is about 1.5" diameter, had a lot of flowers but zero fruits. This happened the last 2 years and so I have to think about what to do differently to have a few fruits next year.

Anyone in SoCal have Alphonso trees holding fruits, and when was the flowering time that led to the mature fruits? My fruits got to about 1" dia then fell off.


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