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Fruit trees that are tolerant to wet feet

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I heard at pitomba tolerant to wet feet but like know more fruiting or edible trees are tolerant to wet feet ?

ben mango:
Mangosteen , salak

Fruit trees that are tolerant to wet feet.  Could you please edit?

How long are we talking and fully submerged crown or just soggy?

Gone tropo:
So far I can say these trees survive severe flooding without issue as I had 3ft of water over the top of some of these trees last wet season, mangosteen, pulasan, rambutan, jaboticaba.  This years wet season I will be able to tell you if abiu, duku, achacaha, rollinia and sugar apple can handle the same sort of treatment.  Im very confident that they will be able to with maybe sugar apple not liking it as much.  One of my abiu has just been planted 3ft from a creek so it will have 10-15ft of water over the top of it this wet season will be interested to see how it goes.


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