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20 ft tall wild blueberry (N. FL) - Vaccinium arboreum ("sparkleberry")

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I stumbled upon a HUGE blueberry "tree" on the lot next to my property. Apparently, it's a Vaccinium arboreum. There are many wild-growing bushes all over the wooded areas in my area mostly 4 ft to 7 ft tall. This one is the largest at over 20ft. The berries have blueberry flavor but are mostly skin and seed (so not worth picking).

Anyone have experience growing these? Or grafting them? I found some info saying OSU was trying to use them as rootstock for commercial varieties.

I'm in N. Florida (panhandle).

Vaccinium arboreum

grafting reference

Does it hybridize with other vacciniums?

I have several large ones in the woods, not that big, around 10 ft. I have seen ones that big when hiking though.


--- Quote from: CarolinaZone on December 10, 2021, 05:26:31 PM ---Does it hybridize with other vacciniums?

--- End quote ---

Only if you have a lot of patience and the resources to obtain plants that have had their chromosomes doubled. That being said, it has been done by the University of Florida.


so no one has tried some backyard grafting of v. arboreum?

I may have to give it a try myself...


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