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Kava - Piper methysticum... Looking for a plant or rhizomes to buy in Costa Rica

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Hello Everyone,

I know this is a shot in the dark limiting this herb request to a single country, but does anyone have a Piper methysticum start/rhizome in Costa Rica that I could buy?  Or know where I could find it?

Thanks, Professor

Not in your country but logee's greenhouse plants sells them from time to time. Should be no problem for you to grow kava down there. A word to USA members though on kava. It is extremely tropical and can easily die being exposed a few times at temps of around 60F. I've killed this plant multiple times by leaving it out on cool nights and forgetting to bring it inside. Really useful medicinal plant I highly recommend having for your plant medicine cabinet but finicky as heck to grow. Good quality kava is fantastically effective for anxiety and depression. Nature's Xanax and that's no joke!


Hey D, 60f would mean a good fifth of my year in Texas 9a (at least at night)  Does it winter over well? indoors?

I grow Valerian, Klip Dagga (working on my wild Dagga sprouts now), Mitragyna Speciosa (at least what ive been told is), Hibiscus, Cha-om, Miracleberry.. i love medicinals. Never came across anyone willing to sell any Kava cuttings.

Kava is very shade tolerant and does well in a fairly lighted spot indoors. Definitely don't allow it to stay outdoors if it drops into the 60s.

Logees greenhouse company sells them from time to time but yes otherwise they are not easy to obtain. I've had and killed kava 3-4 times just due to leaving out a night or two in the 60s.

If you can post a pic of your M. speciosa I could ID it for you. At least in terms of the correct species not the strain. Most types hardy look any different from each other.

That would be great. I'll make a note to take some pics. They are looking really ratty, I lost some interest In them after I got to know the community a little better.  With all the anecdotal and 2nd hand hype. The I've never gotten much from any flour though.

As for kava I should just avoid it. I left my entire list of plants out last night cause it was supposed to high 50s this morning the news says 49.
Peanut butter fruit sprouts.. BlackBerry jam sprouts.. lychee, mango, starfruit Jack fruit, miracle berry,etc etc. Anything as sensitive as cocoa or kava.. nope


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