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Cold hardy Afganski pomegranate rooted cuttings for sale

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Hello, I have about 10 2 rooted cuttings of Afganski pom. Smallest size starts at 6" most are 8" or above

Hardy to at least zone 6b/7a, as seen in my NJ garden.

$10 each plus shipping ~$5 USPS ground shipping Note *I probably can't ship USPS ground to CA or too far west. Not sure if the plants will make it. I sent one plant last Monday and it's supposed to arrive today Saturday. I'll keep you updated what the purchaser tells me. But if you buy more than I'll split the shipping with you and send it priority. 

Not open to trades at the moment as I have way too many plants

Thanks :)

How do they do in the heat? 100+? Thanks, D

We've had a couple of 98 and 100 days during a heatwave this summer. Poms can take heat but this variety needs chill hours to bloom.

~half way sold out :)

How big do fruits get? Seeds soft? Sweet and acid level?


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