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Logees has a special on Red Finger Limes, so I bought me a Christmas present. I already had a Green Finger Lime, this new one will give the Green finger lime company. Finger Limes are fun to just pick a few  and eat as you pass by the trees. Some of the plants I've purchased from Logees were great and a few not so great.  This new purchase was a nice tree.

Congratulations ! You deserve a special present ! I finally got a finger lime in early 2016 and it was fairly large. I think it was about to be marked up because it needed a larger pot. It might have had a big crop last year because it set less than 10 fruit for me. They were green a long time then turned a very dark red and I kept checking to see when they were easy to pull off. I guess I waited too long because most of them were very dry inside. It looks fine. If I can keep it warm this winter it should load up in 2017.

My condolences for the Broncos last night. They didn't do much while I was watching. But they did better than the Panthers this year.


Logee's red finger lime looks more like a bloodlime than a fingerlime...

Mike T:
Those in the picture sure don't look like a classic red finger lime.

Well when the tree fruits, we will see what we see.. If it turns out to be a finger lime, then great.  If it turns out to be a blood lime then also great. I'll let everyone know.


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