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Citrus Ripe in SoCal

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Just curious what citrus fruits are ripening now on your trees here in SoCal.

Can you mention the variety and post any photos you might have of the fruits.

All my grapefruits are finishing up now, just have some left over Oroblanco fruits. My oranges are all done except for my special variegated valencia oranges. They fruit all year long since the normal green branches have fruit at slightly staggered times than my variegated fruits.

Right now I ripe fruis are mainly Bearss Limes, Lisbon seedless lemon, Variegated Valencia ornage. I'll post the Valencia Orange photos later tonight, busy grafting still.

Picked all seven Valencia's and they were spectacular. A dozen American Beauty dragon fruit blooms are showing, Meyers lemons are ready.

I also noticed the taste of the Valencia oranges were pretty good now.

Meyer and Eureka lemons, Bearss and Mexican thornless limes, Ortanique, Sanguinelli, Valencias are OK but not very sweet yet. Just finished my last Star Ruby grapefruit and Gold Nuggets last week.  Wish I had more Gold Nuggets, they are at peak flavor now but I had a poor crop due to terrible weather during the bloom last spring.  Shasta Gold, Tango, Minneola would probably be good now but didnít manage to set any fruit last spring.

Thatís about a mile from the coast.

In Colorado, Dekopon (Sumo), Ponkan, Caracara, Marsh white Seedless Grapefruit, and Red grapefruit, all mature and eaten already.


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