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How can you tell if your Citrus has Asian disease?


How can you tell if your Citrus has Asian disease?

Also called, Huanglongbing, HLB,yellow dragon disease,  or citrus greening disease.

On of the main symptoms is that the leaves get yellow spots that aren't symmetrical. Other common symptoms are branches that die back from the tips down, lopsided fruit that never fully colors, poor fruit quality, and generally poor tree health overall.

Johnny - here are some photos of one of my young Minneola Tangelos infected with HLB that finally died, twig by twig, defoliating all the time and fruit that was bitter and misshapen. Leaves as described by Galatians522. The disease literally shuts down the nutritional veins that connect the roots to the branches and leaves and fruit. The worst citrus disease in history.

Look at the yellow spots on the leaves, and on the one leaf on the right the green splotch that covers only one side of the leaf.

Notice the bareness of the branches.


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