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Nice you setup this wikifruit site I take it? Someone needed to do it!


--- Quote from: nullzero on May 10, 2013, 11:19:09 PM ---Nice you setup this wikifruit site I take it? Someone needed to do it!

--- End quote ---

We've had the site for over a year now but only with the help and work of MarkoS did we finally get it really going with actual pages of content. So far he's made all the content on it. If anyone is interested in being a contributor let me know so you can be made a member of wikifruit with page editing permission.

I've set up an entry called NewFruitEntry that should be the template for all new fruits. 

The editing is rather odd for WikiFruit to some but it is the same as on WikiPedia.  The main thing that text formatting is done using string codes.  For example:

''your text'' - the double ' makes italic
'''your text''' - the triple ' makes it bold
== is a second level heading
=== is a third level heading

There's a lot more out there but I think for now that's probably a good start.

We are currently trying/ planning to use the Wikimedia Commons for images (  This is the easiest place for us to store them.  Please note that images placed there can be used by any other wiki in the world too.

I tried to look at this site today, I got a screen with this message: : "This domain name expired on 2/8/2014"



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