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Not sure but maybe Heliconia bihai??? might be some type of Heliconia but not sure of the variety. Similar looking to a type of Ginger plant also??

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: who's still eating mango every day?
« on: September 02, 2023, 10:30:34 AM »

Ate my last Maha less than 2 weeks ago and I only have around 4 Keitts left on the tree  :'( will be a sad day when they are gone!


That's a great looking Pineapple Guava Madfarm! I used to have a very nice looking tree that bloomed every year but never fruited, I'm in zone 9b. I planted it 16 years ago and last year it started dying and in a few weeks completely turned brown and died.

I believe they need appx 100 chilling hours in the winter at least 45 to get them to fruit?

About 2 1/2 years ago I bought a few bushes, some were seedlings and a couple of dwarf varieties from Lowe's, mine hasn't bloomed yet I'm hoping next year I will get some flowers and hopefully some fruits?? I have never seen any named varieties for sale here and I've been looking for at least 15 years, Lowes was the only one I ever saw with a dwarf variety (Bambina).

Has yours ever bloomed and fruited? Good Luck!


Maha Chanok! I'm in Zone 9b no lake around, I have mine planted slightly underneath an Oak tree, though it does not get full sun for 8 hours apparently it gets enough to fruit every year except once, when it didn't flower not sure why? The Oak tree provided some frost/freeze protection too. This year I got about 60-70 which a third of it went to critters but enough to share with me  ; tree is 9 years old and not that big. Good Luck!!


I love Maha also!! My tree is 9 years old and like Cookie Monster says is not a vigorous grower which is a plus in my yard and it seems to be a very good producer I have a pretty nice crop on there right now...few of them grow in clusters which I think is pretty cool...mine are not quite ready yet, I also love the smell, when they are ripe you can smell that wonderful mango scent  :D. Also the tree doesn't seem to mind some shade, it is planted almost underneath an Oak tree and still produces a lot of mangoes.

The Maha is the one of the farthest left, Maha ,a potted Glenn and Cogshall all growing underneath a few Oak trees

My favorites are Maha, Glenn, Cogshall and Keitt (for late variety)...but the reason I love these varieties is because that is what I planted many years ago Lol, lucky for me I love them all. When I planted them there weren't anywhere near the selection in my garden center and nurseries they have now...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2023 Mango Season
« on: June 16, 2023, 04:42:57 PM »
Rain when fruits are maturing, prior to ripening, can cause the flavor to be washed out.

I agree with Roblack, that has been my experience with my mangoes. A lot of rain in past years has also caused several of them to split, I haven't had a single one split this year. I love rain and we do need it very badly but too much of it can cause some issues with some mature mangoes/fruits

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2023 Mango Season
« on: June 16, 2023, 12:11:24 PM »

Love my Glenn also, it's my favorite mango in my yard. Mine have been excellent this year, most likely because we haven't had much rain, NO rain at all for the month of June so I think it has helped from making them bland from too much rain. We had more rain in May which is not normal, usually we don't get much rain here till June and July. Middle of June and 0 inches so far  :'(

I love my Keitt also because usually by the time they are ready all my Cogshall, Maha and Glenns are gone so it's nice to have a late variety mango. Cogshalls have been excellent also this year....still waiting to taste my Maha they are about a week or so before ripening. I love the flavor and texture of Maha and they are very fragrant when they are ripe. It's the most fragrant mango I have.


All my mango trees are the old original Florida varieties, since I live in a small town I only had a few varieties to choose from the nurseries and big box stores near me at the time when I was planting my mango trees 10-17 years ago. Lucky for me I enjoy all the mango varieties I planted. Carrie is so far the only mango I do not like that I've tasted, It had a mediciny after taste (hard to explain) which I disliked. But in all fairness I've probably only tasted 10-12 varieties since I started growing mangoes.

I have Glenn, Cogshalls, Maha, Keitt...Glenn being my favorite. I used to have Pickering and really loved that's a long story and I no longer have the tree. That is one I would plant again but I have more than enough fruits for me and several of my neighbors to share so I guess I don't need another tree. It's a lot of work for the first 5-6 years till they get established especially when we get the few occasional freeze here, protecting them is a lot of work! Right now all the trees are established and are on auto pilot, on their own at this point. Finally reaping the benefits of all my very hard labor...until the next severe freeze that is! 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Finding Land in South FL
« on: May 30, 2023, 10:27:50 AM »
We have a half acre lot in Lehigh Acres we purchased almost 30 years does have a paved road and my neighbors have power so I assume it is available...there are a few houses built around my street and the streets nearby my lot.  There is a neighbor across the street from my lot and the guy behind the lot has a small house and he had tons of fruit trees in his yard he is growing, lots of different types of fruit trees that I saw. Lehigh Acres is very close to Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral...the lots there still seem to be very reasonable and we get offers often in the mail from people or land brokers that want to buy our lot but they are low balling me Lol...we will sell it eventually when the price goes up a little...

Good Luck Jabo, hope you find the land you are looking for...


Oh wow!! That is very strange and quite a few of them. I've had a couple of mangoes that have been partially pecked on but nothing quite as severe as yours, I assumed mine was caused by birds pecking at it or possibly squirrels?

Setting up a camera is a great idea...Please let us know if you do find out what/who is causing that type of eating damage!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: FEIJOA (pineapple guava) questions
« on: May 27, 2023, 11:15:01 AM »

I planted a tree in central fl 9b (highlands county) around 15 years ago (unnamed) probably seedling. The tree grew into a gorgeous tree and bloomed every single year I had it...NEVER set a single fruit!!! And I even hand pollinated it with a small paint brush, not a single fruit set >:( died about 2 years ago cause unknown??

A year after planting that tree it I bought an unnamed bush variety at a local nursery and in 2 years that one bloomed and fruited, sadly that also died on its 7th or 8th year.

2 years ago I bought and planted 2 dwarf varieties called "Bambina" Pineapple Guava from Lowe's and I also planted 2 more bushes unnamed near them for cross pollination from a nursery in Jacksonville since NO nurseries near me sold them other than the one variety I found at Lowe's.

None of them bloomed this year, I'm guessing it is still quite young...
Right after planting May 2021

Taken a few weeks ago...No blooms!

The first 5 pictures are now dead  :'(...But right now I have 5 small bushes  :)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2023 Mango Season
« on: May 27, 2023, 09:56:46 AM »
Great pics everybody!! Thanks for sharing.

No ripe mangoes here yet, maybe at least a week or two. It's normal for me...I normally don't get ripe mangoes till mid June so at best I might be a week early from years past...I've been picking up a few of "dropped" mangoes and wrapping them up in newspaper to see if it will ripen? I give it 10 days max and if it doesn't ripen by then then I throw them away.

After action report:

The clean up is done.
Here is what 217 mangos on the floor looks like.
I saved about 40 that I think will ripen and the rest are going to friends who make green mango recipes.

Pile 1             Pile 2

Here the the wound, cut flush and sealed. Well almost flush, let the collar.

.. and the tree looking like a champion, still loaded with fruits.


So sorry for the loss of all those mangoes, I had no idea you lost so many. The tree was definitely loaded... it's amazing how many fruits your tree was carrying! The tree looks great now...great job with the cleanup and the after surgery looks great! Good luck with the rest, looks like you have a lot more to enjoy  :D

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: it ready to pick??
« on: May 20, 2023, 12:07:51 PM »

Thanks! Thinking about it but will wait a few more days, it does seem a bit green and I think will get more plump also. The weird thing is most years this mango isn't ready till mid June to mid July so it seems quite early this year...3 weeks or more earlier than before. Looking at pictures taken from years past I've never had mangoes ripen this early (mid May) before so this is way ahead than any other season 10-16 years of growing mangoes here Lol...

Palmcity thanks for the youtube link, Lol...not there yet. But the Video is interesting for people with rat problems!

So very sorry this happened. Enjoy the rest of fruits on your tree, I'm sure it will recover quickly...I know it can be very disappointing but now the tree will be stronger.

Quick question, did you have a storm come by or high winds? Or did it just crack all on its own? Must have been pretty heavy!

Oh forgot to mention I've had to tie a rope to a few of my mango branches that were laden with fruits and lifted it up and tied the rope to the main trunk of the tree where it can handle the extra weight, this worked very well for me , Good luck!!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / it ready to pick??
« on: May 18, 2023, 03:39:23 PM »

I have a few of these Cogshall mangos that is starting to blush, they are getting a lot of direct sun so I know that's part of the reason for the color blushing but was wondering if they are mature enough to pick and let ripen on the counter? Trying to beat the squirrels but don't want to pick too soon only to let it rot  :(

Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance   :)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Mango weed wacker damage
« on: May 11, 2023, 10:10:34 AM »
Julie, i made these for all my young trees.  Besides protecting from weed whacker, protects from bumping it.  Ive had one almost knocked over, another gouged from mower.
2x6x12 cut into 4.  Long screws hold them together.  Pre drill board its not screwing in.
Carpet has no backing.  This one was around Avocado that doesn't need it.
I tied low fruit up since photo.

Nice little set up Eddie, I assume the carpet also keeps the weeds out plus a nice cushion for the mango should they fall.

Good Luck Julie, hope your fruits and trees recover but I think it will, I had something similar happen to my Cogshall mango tree, it wasn't a weed whacker or animal, just something like a wound appeared out of nowhere a little larger than yours but the tree healed over several months and the tree shows no issues from it many years later...keep fingers crossed it will fully recover.


Thanks for the updates and recipe corrections Palmcity.

Yeah, I definitely wash all my mango drops really well before I eat it even though I do not eat the peel, just got into the habit, we have SO many Critters running around here I don't want to take any chances  :)

We need more rain sooo badly, we did have 6 inches almost 2 weeks ago doled out in 2 different days one week apart but we need more... I think part of the problem with the drops besides the heavy winds is the drought...


Had around 25 or so dropped mangoes from that very gusty day  :'( >:( on the ground so far...very heart breaking. I can't or won't be able to use most of them so I will leave those for the critters, a few of them have chew marks or claw marks on them so they are already "tasting" them. Its going to be a battle again this year!

Interesting your wife adding boiled mangoes to yellow cake mix, might give that atry thanks Palmcity!


Fingers crossed everyone's mangoes that's left on the trees stay put, let's hope these really gusty days are far and few between  ;)

My mangoes have at least a month or more before they are "mature green" to let ripen inside.

Calusa I hope your single Maha makes it till its ready to pick, good luck!

Palmcity, mine are still pretty small appx 4", so no color whatsoever, totally green. The Thai green mango salad wasn't too bad, better than throwing them away Lol...


We're VERY windy today...30 plus mph! While taking pictures of my Maha, 3 small Mahas fell to the ground one by one due to the branches hitting each other. I had to come inside I am afraid to look tonight to see how many mangoes are going to be on the ground  :'( :'( >:( >:(

Couldn't bare to throw them away, I might make green mango salad


Thanks for the very generous offer SC, I don't do well with grafting Lol...but I do appreciate your kind offer. Congrats on your 20 year old Fuyu, that is amazing!! I should be good with these 2 Persimmons. I really don't have much room to add any more fruit trees. I'll be happy to get some fruits from my Fuyu hopefully in a year or 2. In the meantime I will have to go to one of those "U Pick Persimmon Farms this fall. I found a place about an hour and a half away and she had some great Fuyus!

Thanks again and best of luck with your fruits!


Thanks John!! I will remove it now  :)...not a fan of beer either but love Okra and many different types of fruits...

Great news and great looking Persimmon trees Sc400!

I prefer Fuyu I'm not a huge fan of the super soft persimmons (astringent) type. I like to eat them more like an apple, sweet and crunchy. Actually my Chocolate was missing a lable and was told it was likely a Fuyu (not!!) but shortly after I planted it one of the flowers formed a fruit and it was cone like shape so I knew right away it wasn't a Fuyu. At the time he was selling only 2 different varieties. That one fruit fell off shortly after so I was never able to taste it. If my Chocolate fruits in a year or two I'm probably going to use them for baking Persimmon bread  ;D


Both Fuyu and Chocolate persimmon trees are flushing with Fuyu way ahead. Also found a few flowers on Fuyu, its a very good sign at least.   

Question, I have a small branch emerging very low on the tree but it is above the graft, should I remove this?


Thanks Palmcity and Galatians for the great advise on leaving the Lychee leaves as mulch! As it so happens, I raked the first batch of dead/yellow leaves several weeks ago thinking I needed to remove them  :o. I'm sure this made it even worse by drying out even more without any protection on the top soil from the sun has since another batch have fallen so I will leave those under the tree (plus it saves me time and energy raking) so that's even better! I definitely have enough lychee leaves on the top to make a nice mulch...thanks again!

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