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Anyone growing Grains of Paradise (Aframomum melegueta)?

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A.T. Hagan:
In researching the edible species of the greater ginger family I have come across frequent mention of "Grains of Paradise" (Aframomum melegueta) which has been used in brewing and was once popular as a black pepper substitute.

Has anyone grown this particular species?  Especially if you are within the U.S. do you know where to buy live plants or rhizomes?  Anyone get it to blossom and set fruit?

The seeds seem to be easily available, but I've read the viability is fairly short so I suspect I would have to plant a lot of them to get plants.  If possible I'd rather buy rhizomes or started plants, but haven't had any luck fining anyone selling them.

Forum member Adam (Flying Fox) used to have some plants if you
want to check with him.

A.T. Hagan:
Thanks. I will ask.

i have an Aframomum plant that ive divided the rhizomes of for the past 3-4 years . They smell great when cut. i have it growing in pots and in the ground but no luck on seed pods yet.

Chupa King:
I believe mine is densely shaded out. Planted my original under a mature Ulu. Took several cutting and planted them into the full sun. Only time will tell now.


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