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Sweet Potato

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--- Quote from: JCorte on November 11, 2021, 01:48:36 AM ---Hi Kaz,

I harvested a few of the Okinawans and Molokai purple last week.

I did not take photo of the Molokai, but they were same large size.  I havenít tasted the Molokai yet but they didnít have any sweetness raw.  The Purple Okinawans are my favorite and have grown them for years.  The smaller one on the top grew in a 2 gallon pot.  The smaller one is the normal size I usually find at the Japanese market.  I didnít intend to leave in the pot, I was just rooting some cuttings and forgot about them.  I was surprised to find the tuber because the pot has been neglected.  Theyíre curing now, so will taste the Molokai cooked next week.


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do you ever try sweet potato from korea and japan? very sweet and juicy than the one I bought from H mart or Mitsuwa supermarket


--- Quote from: JCorte on November 20, 2021, 03:05:06 PM ---Iíve been growing sweet potatoes in raised bed under other fruit trees and plants for years.


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Janet, you mentioned that you harvested Okinawa tubers near the surface of the soil.  Tubers I found were all deeper than a foot deep.  Any idea of how to have it grow the tubers near surface? Thanks


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