Author Topic: Two new online nurseries/shops specializing in figs  (Read 463 times)


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Two new online nurseries/shops specializing in figs
« on: December 07, 2020, 08:25:47 PM »
I was never a really big fig fan but that was because I never had a really good fig. After tasting a perfectly ripened Violet de Bordeaux and Black Madeira fig from my friends tree, I was hooked. All those years prior, I only knew about the Black Mission and Brown Turkey from the supermarkets and theyíre good figs but there are significantly better figs out there.

The difference between the common and commercially available Brown Turkey vs a premium Black Madeira is like comparing a Tommy Atkins Mango VS a Lemon Zest. The premium figs taste like a dense, sticky sweet strawberry jam! Hereís a picture of a partially dried Cravenís Craving fig I recently harvested

There are many different flavor profiles when it comes to figs. There are Honey flavored figs, Berry flavored figs, melon flavored figs, figgy flavored(fig Newton), and many different combinations in between.

Figs are an excellent fruit to grow and eat. One of the best attributes about figs is their quick return on investment. What I mean is that with the proper growing conditions, a rooted cutting or a grafted tree can easily give you wonderful tasting fruit within its first season.

Anyways, I recently got bit by the fig bug and joined some fig forums and Facebook groups and a couple of my friends decided to turn their passion for figs into a business.

This first website was established by David Burke. He is known as the fig hunter and he has a passion for discovering new fig varieties. He scours the countryside in search of seedling fig trees that produce top quality fruit. For those that arenít aware, figs that are pollinated with male fig pollen via the fig wasp creates a bigger, sweeter and richer tasting fruit. More importantly, female figs pollinated by male fig pollen via the fig wasps creates viable seedlings that can become the next incredible tasting fig.

David has done all the footwork discovering many new seedling fig varieties and he has made his discoveries available to the public as cuttings. I forgot to mention that David also sells fresh eggs, fig jams, soaps and other great products at his family farm website!

This next website was founded by Brian Melton. Brian is very well known in the fig community and also has a passion for figs. Brian has a huge collection of figs that he has acquired through friends around the world. He has figs from France, Italy, Spain and pretty much every country that can grow figs. Brian has an orchard where he grows only the top tier varieties. His orchard pumps out truck loads of the most premium figs and he has turned the figs into various fig jams for sale.

Brianís website will be selling the various fig jams, seasonings, fig cuttings, fig trees and various other products. For those of you that have not tried Fig Jam, it is absolutely amazing! Iím a meat lover and when my wife told me she made me a vegetarian sandwich, I was really not looking forward to it. What she made me was a Brie, green apple and fig jam sandwich. It took me just one bite and Iím hooked for life.

Check out this recipe that is almost identical to my wifeís recipe

If you trust me and my tropical/subtropical fruit reviews, trust me on this sandwich, it will blow your mind. Using Brianís specialty fig jam will take this sandwich to the next level.

Brianís website wonít go live until today at 5pm Pacific time so if you log in now, the products wonít be available until later tonight. Hereís a link to Brianís website

Hereís what Brian had to say about his new business:

Monday, December 7th at 5pm Pacific time we will officially launch our CalFig business website. We will be introducing our new line of gourmet fig products along with fig cuttings, fig trees and Japanese Maples. We hope our fig friends and family will support our business and our goal to introduce premium fig products into the market place. This is the first step, so please be patient with us as we start this journey.
I have many people to thank, but without Lance Knoechel this website would have never been built. His patience and professionalism has been crucial in the website building process. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
One last thing, the fig cuttings are from my Private Fig Collection. Each order will be labeled in the field and bagged personally by me. Cuttings will be good quality from in ground trees. Some varieties will be thin and some will be thick. But ALL will be an acceptable rooting size. Expect 1-4 weeks to receive your cuttings. I will add a suprise to the first 10 orders placed!
The website is

Brian and David have both helped me along my fig path and they didnít ask me to plug them here but they are both good people with a passion for figs so I wanted everyone to know about there new business and hopefully support them. Please share this with your friends and family and help support the small businesses! Thanks in advance!

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Re: Two new online nurseries/shops specializing in figs
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2021, 03:49:38 PM »
Do you know if they would sell fig wasp???