Author Topic: Selling Limon Mandarina/Mandarin Lime/Rangpur Lime seeds from Costa Rica  (Read 172 times)


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Hey all, I saw in a post here the other day someone saying they would like to get some mandarin lime seeds. My wife and I have a little restaurant here in Guanacaste Costa Rica and we go through about 50 of these limes a week when its busy. The lime is sour but not as much as the Mexican lime or Persian lime, with a mandarin smell to it, tons of juice and can even substitute a lemon in a lemon meringue pie and it's hard to tell the difference. It is the lime of choice here for mixed drinks, ceviche and squeezing on food and salads. I also read a report about it being used as rootstock in brazil,link here ( )

I would like to try and sell seeds so I can continue to buy different fruit trees that are rare and uncommon here, with the end goal of setting up a sort of rare fruit nursery and seed bank in this area of the country.

Here are some pictures and descriptions

These 2 images are from seeds that I brought home to CT from a trip in 2016, they started to sprout and these pictures were taken on July 19, 2016

This image is one of 4 of the seedlings that sprouted for me, taken on November 5, 2019, a little more than 3 years old. When I came to live in Costa Rica I gave it to some friends of ours. This plant flowered in March/April of 2020 but didn't set fruit. The guy with the nursery here in town says they can flower in about 2 years but I haven't seen it to be sure. When we had it, it went weeks without water in the winters and wasn't affected in the least. Supposedly they are very drought tolerant.

A bucket full of limes

A mayonnaise we made with this lime and cilantro for our restaurant

These next two are limes from a tree we had at the house, unfortunately we had to take it down to build an apartment

A drink we made for the restaurant with this lime, mint, basil and ginger

Cut mandarin limes and mexican limes

These last two are seeds I got out of some limes the other day and tossed them into a container with wet cotton. I think about 90-95% of the seed germinated. Some of these will go to being a rootstock and I will grow out the strongest to see exactly how long from seed it will take to flower

I would like to find maybe 2-3 people at first that would like this seed and do a test run to see if or how difficult it is to send the seed to the US. Those people will pay shipping plus a small fee, maybe $5, and after I confirm that people will get the seed in a timely manner then I will start to sell them. Thanks for looking!