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All shipments are caught up. If you didnt get tracking number, please email me. and keep tracking as we are warmed up, you dont want the tapes to sit in your mailbox in heat.  Tip. Keep tape in your refrigerator or cool place for long shelf life, never leave it in the Garage.

Update: Please read carefully. Some Folks missed the information that I need. Please email me at the info requeted:

Wesley Peelen - Tape Preference?
Gaylord Ventura - Mailing Address?
Xenia Elling - Mailing Address?
Ajmal Noorzayee - Tape Preference?
Kevin Reimer - Tape Preference?

85% of tapes are already gone. Those still debating, its first come first serve.

Everyone was emailed Tracking Numbers today except the ones above, need them to respond before I can ship.

Update: Please read carefully. Some Folks missed the information that I need. Please email me at the info requeted:

John Benefield  - provide email address
Wesley Peelen - Tape Preference?
Gaylord Ventura - Mailing Address?
Xenia Elling - Mailing Address?
Ajmal Noorzayee - Tape Preference?
Kevin Reimer - Tape Preference?

85% of tapes are already gone. Those still debating, its first come first serve.

Folks wondering about tapes, I got tapes 5 days ago and am packing and shipping everything this weekend. If you followed the right protocol for payment, then no need to worry. I cant confirm each individual payments, understand that I have two small businesses and a full time job and that's why I am not as active here. Rest assured, everyone who paid up to this coming Saturday will start receiving confirmation numbers. Those who will order after this Saturday may have to wait for another 10 days.

Both are available and prices are same

OK Folks, Buddy tape is here and will ship after Apr 12th, 2023 There has been numerous delays due to supply chain, Also Note that as with everything the cost of tape and shipping both have gone up, those who ship regularly know that coast to coast 8 OZ USPS mail is new almost $5 plus.
(tapes are being sold on Amazon and eBay for over $48-$50/roll plus shipping. Beware of knockoff's on ebay that are in Chinese/Japanese language)

Will ship with USPS First Class Mail, will give you tracking number (will not be responsible for lost shipment). If you are worried about lost mail, then pay Priority Mail Shipping $12

Note: Orders are first come first serve, limited quantities. But those who send payments after I have hit my reserve quantity will be refunded. So dont wait.

Single Roll - $30 + $5 Shipping = $35, if Priority Mail, then $30 + $12 = $42
Two Rolls - $57 + $11 Shipping = $68, each additional roll $29.
Six Rolls (Whole Box - $170 + $12 Shipping

To request and pay for/reserve tape, please contact I will only have limited quantities this season. Please do not PM Here, its hard to track.
Very limited supplies so act fast. I have several folks from Local CRFG Orange County Chapter who have also requested.

Note: This is a Non-Profit Effort on my part to help fellow gardener friends because I enjoy helping others. All I ask in return is if I have request for some budwood and you happen to have it, please share in kind. Cost I am charging is for shipping, handling, and taxes if applicable.

Payment Instructions: Please do not PM Here, its hard to track

Please email to - Buddy Tape in the subject line.

Due to extremely busy schedule and busy at work and building my project I am not very active on this forum so please be patient if I dont reply here. But I will reply if you inquire to my email above.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Finally some rain in South Florida
« on: March 21, 2023, 02:25:17 PM »
take some from CA. we are flooded, we are in for all time records. Mammoth passed 60' of snow. yes, that's 60 feet.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Magic Tricks to push Bloom on Mango Seedling
« on: January 03, 2023, 01:36:16 PM »
Hi folks, hope you had great holidays. I was wondering if there are magic tricks to force bloom on mango seedling. I have a seedling that is now 8-yr old and wondering what I can do to make it to bloom this year?

Any thoughts on someone who has been successful? Its a Lemon Zest seedling.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Florida Hurricane - 🙏
« on: September 29, 2022, 01:33:39 AM »
Prayers and thoughts go out to Floridians in harm's way. Be safe.

one thing I noticed is whether we have seedlings or grafted plants, they do well leading to summer heat. if we tinker with them in Summer like graft more onto a nice flushing tree, it for some reason start getting diseases. I lost 3 healthy ones this summer, and I have two seedlings that were grafted Last October are doing great. planning on not touching them any further. Also, refrain pruning them when temps are consistently hitting above 100 in So Cal.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Fruit party?
« on: August 02, 2022, 11:20:32 AM »
I missed out on it again, dang. Post some pics Brad

I agree with sentiment of drip emitters clogging issue. once you have a large yard with over 400 drips, it becomes a nightmere to maintain them. I prefer adjustable sprayers, although expensive it will payoff itself if it can save you few plants from dying and they are easy to see how well they function. Another good thing is when mulch gets hit with water from top, it helps it breakdown faster, specially in CA where we dont get much rain at all. I am planning out my 3/4 acre garden at my new home and I do plan on limiting the use of emitter drips to where I can physically see them like in vegetable raised beds. Also I dont like soaker tubes/emitter tubes as they clog up with salts build-up. its another nightmere to maintain and you only find the problem when your plant has already suffered.

Anyone growing mango seedlings? I would like to purchase some. I need to restart my garden and am looking for seedlings to get a head start for planting in my garden in 2023.

Cherimoya tend to have residual energy that would push from scion initially. Compatibility may be an issue, although I have not personally experimented it. Keen to find out more about it.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Leo Manuel’s passing
« on: June 06, 2022, 01:45:11 PM »
very sorry to hear this sad news. Met him few times and what a fine gentleman he was. May his soul rest in peace. I have his Air-Layer of his Brewster lychee that will stay in my yard as his memory.

Got 8 LZ scions for sale, prepped and ready to go. if Interested PM me. $5/Scion, 4 min. (SOLD OUT). thanks for ordering.


here is another one, Karen Novick how am to suppose to send without address and email?

Who is Luiz Soares? sent $ to wrong PayPal and without first contacting, I cannot accept funds there. You are responsible to call PayPal and cancel your transaction and contact me at

All orders have been shipped with emails sent to all (email you used on PayPal), with Subject "Tracking Number".

If you didn't get email, check email address you used in Paypal. Otherwise notify via email to me. Robert Scott & Lazaro Sanchez you both did not provide any mailing address, email me info ASAP.

Sent you an email, have not received notification and last time my email went to your spam folder
I cant tell from your forum name who you are in my emails.

FYI - we are in the middle of heat wave with temps hit 100 today, will ship in two days, we expect temp dramatic drop. dont want your tapes to turn into mush in heat. So if you have not received notification with Tracking, it means I am holding back. Once I have shipped all I will post here to let all know.

can i still order?

wait till Wed/Thu so I can first process what I have to ship committed ones. Email me your interest at

After custom delays due to stupid California ports Supply Chain bullshit, finally we got tapes delivered to us yesterday. I will start preparing shipments and everyone will receive their packages by Friday at the latest. There are lots of orders to process. Appreciate your patience. Once shipped you will get auto notification from USPS via email.

Please keep an eye on your email from me if I am missing any information I will be contacting you. Delay in getting the info to me will delay your shipment. Some people forget to provide their address, email, and choice of tape altogether. If you did not specify tape type, I will ship perforated.

If you dont get any notification by Wednesday, please email me at

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