Author Topic: I will share my experience about growing annona seeds  (Read 448 times)


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I will share my experience about growing annona seeds
« on: April 19, 2024, 02:15:14 PM »
First of all annonas maybe one of the most difficult fruits to grow from seed
It take time a lot of time
I want to share my small and humble experience with them

First stay patient annonas take a lot of time to germinate
Some will germinate faster in my case the atemoya seeds were fast the cherimoya ones were the easiest
The illama were the most difficult
It doesn't mean that annona seeds will germinate within a month sometimes it takes a lot of time
One month to several months annona seeds are hard shell

Second soak your seeds before planting till they sink
Plant the one who did give them 24 to 72 h

Third depending on your weather covering the seeds with transparency plastic is helpful if you own a mini or big greenhouse well you are good

Fourth use fragile broken soil in my experience heavy soil is so bad for annonas for my case and it depend on your nation and prices I use coco coir alone  or mixed with old broken manure
What you wanna use as soil depends on you it just need to be fragile

Again be patient annonas take time to germinate

Quick tip you can take out some seeds from. Time to time to check if the seeds start to ballon out like getting bigger it means they will soon germinate

Any more advices please help us


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