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Hapa Joe expedition eBay: A. Sp Black, E. Tinctoria, A. Neolaurifolia, psidiums


3 Day Auction ends Sunday.
I am heading to the Amazon looking for more goodies while fruit is still in season. The window is closing and my seeds from the seed shop will be available until April 5. eBay auctions this week have some one of a kind offerings. Thanks for looking and your suport.

Eugenia/Myrcia tinctoria rare must-have fruit tree. Ultra limited
Eugenia/Myrcia tinctoria is a must-have fruit, offering a flavor combination of blueberries, Jaboticaba, and mint. The locals are familiar with and appreciate this fruit, saying it tastes even better in the midst of the rainy season.
Initially mistaken for a Myrcia, when we sent the fruit off for verification to Diego Techera Verde Center, the collector came back drooling. This Eugenia is hard to come by and was found on a remote sand path that requires a 4x4 to access. The American family on the tour with us considered it one of the best tasting Eugenias, reminiscent of Jaboticaba.

Araçá-creme (Psidium ssp. - folha larga e crassa)

Psidium striatulum Narrow Leafed Guava from Brazil

Mouriri pusa "Puca Preto" seedling. Rare fruit tree ready for new home.

New Eugenia species found in the El Choco reserve in Colombia.

Inga Edulis, Gigantic and sweet from the Colombian amazon

Annona sylvatica, Frost hardy rare annona from Brazil.

Annona neolaurifolio from the orchard of Helton Josue. Only one for sell.

Ultra limited Annona Sp Black Amazonas from Acre state Brazil, Amazon.

Annona spinescens ARATICUM-ATÍ proven frost hardy amazingly rare species

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