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Title: Overwintering Small Cempejack in a Pot
Post by: kapps on December 04, 2021, 09:18:49 PM
I have an 8" tall Cempepack seedling in a 4x14" tree pot.  It does not look like the tap root has made it to the bottom of the pot yet.  Will the tap root continue growing through the winter while it's not growing much above ground?  I'd like to keep it in a pot so I can better protect it this first winter as opposed to planting it out this late in the season.

If the tap root does get through the current pot, I'm thinking of getting some 4" PVC drain pipe to use as a makeshift extra deep tree pot.  Does anybody see an issue with this? If the tap root will continue to grow through the winter, should I transplant it now while the weather is still pretty nice?  Thanks!