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Wow that’s a lot of info, will take a while to process :)

Here i only get soothy mould when the green tree anta farm aphids on the tree.
So easy to control.

Haven’t tried tangelos yet, might give it a try!

I only have Citrus glauca, but will make an effort to try and get some of the papuan species mentioned, shouldn’t be very hard to find where I live.

The Continuous flowering of wakoni sounds great!

Millet, was that comment meant for another thread?


Thats a durian relative!!
Anyone tasted it??

Edible weed!
Shouldnt be hard to keep it under control though.

Yeah some people selling the seeds but I am unsure if the seeds would be fresh.

Satha do you know ho long mature Toddy plam seeds last??
Od do they need to be sown very fast?

I have a website now Satha.

But yeah your right I prefer to barter and havent offered these for sale yet as I only have a few seeds.

Are you interested in Gustavia, only have a few left.

It’s good to hear some positive about the Borneo mangoes.
Yeah true shouldn’t compare to indica because indica does not do well here too.
We get a good crop in every 4 years maybe.
And all indica tree’s we got have leaf miners and larvae inside the new growth plus get stung by the fruit spotting bug hard!

Excited to taste kuini and casturi, I love those funky tastes.

And from a business point of view there is no one here in the market that sells them so don’t have to compete with the commercial indica growers if want to go to market.
Having a lot of rare fruit must be a benefit for you Peter when at the market!

Anyone tasted foetida?? Does it also have some turpentine flavour?

Our wanii have thick juicy new growth but never get stung or have larvae inside the new growth so I am positive about wanii doing well here with all the rain.
Pajang, foetida, kuini and casturi are still to small to see, just came out of the shade house.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Not enough Durian Discussion
« on: June 06, 2023, 06:20:15 PM »
Yeah I agree there is variabilty in zibethinus.
I am also unsure how many cultuvar that we call zibethinus that actually could be hybrids with, kutejensis, lowianus, graveolens, dulcis and oxleyanus.
According to Anthon Lamb, Wild durio zibehinus in Borneo has very white flesh small spikes and is quite bitter. It’s in A guide to wild fruits of Borneo.

I’v got a zibethinus x dulcis and know that there are zibethinus x graveolens and zibethinus x kutejensis.
Havent heard of oxleyanus hybrids but suspetc it is possible.
Durian Suluk is a graveolens hybrid i think and its a F3 hybrid i think. So it’s been through 3 crossings if I am not wrong.
There are lowianus and zibethinus hybrids, poscii on the forum knows a tree and I have a photo somewhere.

How many seeds of the fruit did you plant?
Did all grow multiple roots?
I have seen zibethinus grow multiple roots so can happen, it’s usually when the seed is not very big or unhealthy.
It could be lowianus. Lowianus is really bitter and less sweet, but I have only tried it once in Thailand.
There are diversity in lowianus fruits too.
I would look at the flower for clear ID.

Strong durian having great growth during winter!

Tropical Vegetables and Other Edibles / ISO: Pandanus conoideus
« on: June 05, 2023, 05:20:07 AM »
The red part of the fruit is used to make a paste or sauce.
I have tried the sauce and I like it.

Anyone in Australia have plants or seeds??
Would like to barter or buy.
Would love to grow it and make my own sauce.
Must be really nutritious also.

I know there is someone in Bundaberg area but unfortunetly I lost the contact details that I got at the last Rare fruit AGM. :(

This fruit ahould be grown more here in AU!

I think I have the vine that this parasite prefers as a host.
Have anyone tried to collect the seed and then place it on the host plant?
Are there any plants in Australia, herbariums botanic hardens etc??

I read on wikipedia that the flower buds are considered a delicacy.

Anyone distributing Toddy palm seeds?
I am looking to plant some but it’s been hard to find seeds.

There are a couple at cairns botanic garden but never find any fruit and seams to be only one female by the “chinese lake”.
According to Palms in australia there are meant to be growing some in cape york if I am not wrong.
Anyone know?
I only know one private garden with mature trees.

There is also another Borassus at CBG in the Fitzalani garden but I don’t jow if it’s toddy palm or not.

I like the fruit, had it in Cambodia where it grows like a weed!!

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / ISO: Asam Paya- Eleiodoxa conferta
« on: June 05, 2023, 04:53:40 AM »
ISO: Asam Paya- Eleiodoxa conferta

Can barter or buy.
Please come with suggestion or price.


What “Borneo nuts” have the best taste?

Pangium, Elateriosperum tapos, pentaspadon motleyii, corodocarpus borneensis,

Dabai, galip, okari, pili. Stericulia foetida, jeringa..

Petai, but maybe not included since its fabace apecies but still a edible seeds that is delicious.


I have tried Galip and Pili and they are both really good, but Okari is better.
Anyone tried the others or know other Borneo nuts?

Which “Borneo mango” has the best taste?

Pajang, foetida, casturi, kuini, ka-long (Mangifera pentandra),
Kemanga, Wanii. Hybrids?? Others??

I have only tasted Wanii (Mangifera caesia) from Bali and it is really good.

Anyone have tested the others??
Thinking which to plant the most of.

Iv got sacha inchi seeds from time to time.
Can barter.

ISO: Solanum lasiocarpum Borneo eggplant

I might be able to swap some with you later on.
Will post in the main buy section.

Citrus General Discussion / Re: Help me pick a mandarin / satsuma
« on: June 05, 2023, 04:13:37 AM »
I have a Page mandarin planted in the ground.  It is said that Page mandarins produce the finest orange juice in the world.  Page trees are very productive, with fruit almost the size of a clementine mandarin, seedless and VERY juicy.  It is a good choice..

Page is delicious! Juice is really good too!

Hey bussone,
No I do not know any of them.
Who are they? :)
Are they more for flavouring food or used as oranges as a treat by thelmseves?

They are delicious!!!
Just got to eat it when ripe.

IMO the flavor is better then ackee, avo, dabai and safou. But the yield is so low that all over it's not better then the four I mentioned. I haven't tasted great dabai so maybe Dabai is better in flavor.

I can't wait to try a G. macarenensis, must be super good!!

Hey Raul,
I picked the fruits when they where green.
I still don't know exactly when to pick them as some fruits that I picked had white immature seeds and some mature seeds. Maybe they can dehydrate on the tree?

Then I let them sit for 1-2 weeks until I can easily break up the skin. The flat part of the skin on the end of the fruit tastes similar as the flesh that is attached to the seeds. And the inside peel is tasty too even though it's fibrous.

Have you tried them? Or other similar species?
IMO the flavor is better then ackee, avo, dabai and safou. But the yield is so low that all over it's not better then the four i mentioned. I haven't tasted great dabai so maybe Dabai is better in flavor.

Found this old thread

Citrus General Discussion / Re: how true-to-seed is true-to-seed?
« on: June 04, 2023, 08:43:35 PM »
Just plant a large number of tree's from seed and terminate the undesirable ones and plant new ones in their spot. In 9 years you are likely to have heaps of new seeds that you wanna trial.
That's what I am doing despite I can get a lot of grafted tree's here.


I thought they were bulldozing the retirement homes and planting more oranges since the old folks were goaded into their government-sanctioned culling. At least that's what the alternative media would have you believe.

I thought so too..

Regarding low Carb diets, It's still a very small percentage of the population and it's a short term diet. A "carnivore diet" leads to scurvy if followed properly so you could anticipate increased consumption eventually for those recovering from that fad diet.

Here in Au the OJ from the Big green shed tastes like they juiced the whole fruit with the peel and all! Can't stand it, good to clean the pruning saw with though since there so much orange oil in it.
Having atleast 400ml of fresh home squezze every day. Most of the time it's manadrin based as the OJ In the green shed are to sour. Not enough from the farm yet.

The problem with the netting of citrus is that it reduces photosynthesis and brix levels in sap. Have a look a T Dykstra's work from dykstra labs. it's on a Podcast by AEA John Kempf.
It's expensive to keep replanting tree's and especially if your running intensive populations. Well nurseries atleast make more money short term.

Galatians, that oak leaf tea seams quite close to Rudolf Steiner's Oak bark preparation or BD 505. It's very high in calcium. But obviously not the same as Ca Carbonate from a rock.

Interesting that the OJ plants are making big money now... If the processing industry can make more money when the local farmers are declining it seams likely they would take action towards that happening, they have profit motives. And also now an excuse to say we have to import OJ.

Huanglongbing, China? Seams like there's some bad stuff coming in from China lately... Or maybe I am just to cynical..



Great post W.
I was joyful to read that the fruits from this Arboretum feed the local school children.
The amount of locked off USDA stations and arboretum’s that would honestly prefer for the fruit to drop and rot than you pick it and eat it  ( in some cases you are not allowed to pick up grounders!), or have it go to feed people who need food is …….

Wow feeding it to children sounds great! Atleast most research stations in Australia is open to public via group bookings. Unfortunately one that Is close to here (South Johnstone) does not sell banana plants any more due to having virus detected. They don't distribute any fruit, probably because they are afraid of being taken to court over spreading some disease I guess. They collect fruit as part of yield calculations so could distribute it for free to poor people.

W. I'll set the same directions as you If lost at sea! haha

Pagnr, where are there big citrus collections in AU?

Unfortunately that guide is in French as said but has some really great images!

Please any recommendations for citrus species and citrus cultivars that have stood the test of time in Wet Lowland tropical areas. Or Citrus for equatorial areas.

With wet I am suggesting more then 3000mm annually.
I am not into grafting yet so personally I am looking at something that does it from a seed. I am ok with seedling variability as I just select myself and have space enough.

I know white grapefruit, red grapefruit, kaffir lime, West Indian lime and Tahitian limes are going well here. Also Rangpur lime, Bush lemon (Citrus limon jambhiri) and Pomelo.

Our Mandarins (C. reticulata) are very prone to leaf miner and so are our mandarin oranges (C. reticulata x C x sinensis). The others mentioned above don't have issue or little issue).
The bush lemon and the pomelo is the most vigorous.
I have sown seeds from Ellendale, Hickson, Imperial, Emperor, Afourer and Muscott but can't see much difference in vigor and leaf miner occurrence.
The best one is a seedling Siam star (Thailand). Idk the parenthood of that one but it's the best so far here.

Only have small C x sinensis seedlings (Sweet orange) and they ore ok. Unfortunately I had an issue with labeling so can't compare navels with Valencia's and blood orange grown from seeds.

I have tried some poncirus dragons and they are going ok event though I neglected them a bit. Also growing some cox citrus seedlings but they are still small atleast no leaf miners.
Just planted a casturi lime so can't tell but they should be good I guess since they grow them in Indonesia.

Haven't tried any spray to reduce leaf miners, only tried with different nutrition approaches. No luck so far.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Not enough Durian Discussion
« on: June 03, 2023, 01:20:05 AM »
Our durians are pumping out lots of new leaves, I can't believe it.
I'll take a photo of one when I can.

It haven't been cold here though, coldest 17.8C recorded so far this year. But quite windy.

Seeing some machrantah talk, does anyone notice any consistent difference in leaf morphology of machrantah vs zibethinus?

Cold damage, does anyone of ya monitor leaf brix levels? Increasing that should help with cooler weather. If you are monitoring, did it help to increase?

Wow Peter you got the "red carpet" there :D

Yeah I saw that documentary too. Seams like a waste of resources when they could just claim the land back again with the  police army. But I guess they want to hit hard on those who LAWFULLY INHERITED the land from a long time back when a farmer got the ownership of the land if you planted durian and other tree crops in the rainforest. all the fruits talks about this deal of the past in one of his videos. I guess there weren't any title system back then, just good o'l agreements.
And yeah sure now they (durian exporters) want them as workers "slaves" and not land owners or business owners.
"The middle class" is to do away with in a dictatorship/monarchy/oligarchy.

Peace and durian!

Hey Benjamin why don't you put all your listings in one single post?
Kinda spams the category to post multiple threads of "sale" from the same profile in a short time frame.

It's encouraged in the forum rules to keep multiple listings in one post.


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