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One tree for me :)
Minimum order: 4 tree please. Lots of work in packing, shipping, order tracking. Please put considerations.

Will these be the same vendors? if so, will you/ have you discussed the concerns with the root knot nematodes?
We are not going to work with the grower which gives us the root knot nematodes issue.

Very very interested! In Southern California, would like around 4 for now!  :)

Edit: Wanted to clarify after reading post #1 that Yangmei do require at least one male for pollination, and acquiring just one tree would not lead to fruiting?

 Good to have one male tree for pollination. For pollination, check the top of the first round group buy page:

do the Yangmei need chill hours? can they be grown in S. Florida? are they self fertile or do they need two or more trees?
Not sure about the chilling hours, from some feedback, so far trees in the first round group buy are doing well in Florida.

We might be introduce a couple of new varieties. Do not know yet now.

Potential buyers:
  Chris ( Bay area)
  Tu L( Florida)
  Brent F ( zip 10709)
  Mei M ( Hawaii)  ( 10 trees)
  Kevin ( Hawaii)
  hawkfish007 ( SoCal zip 92346) 8 trees( 2 X 4 varieties).
  dmitrig( 8 trees)
  Elopez( New York)
  TropicalDoc( Hawaii)
  Daisy( 3 female, 1 male)
  12Zodiac( 3 female, 1 male)
  jerryrwu ( 6, bay area)
 Itay G( 5)
 xpy(bay area)
 Nathanguy14( 5, NC)
 Okvid (5)
 dddsss (4)
TropicalFruitSeeker(Vancouver Wa)
Reedo ( 7-10 plants)
JohnLiu_bayarea ( 4, 3 female, 1 male)


 I received lots of inquires asking if I can organize have another order.
 The answer is "No" for now,  since weather is getting warm, if we start a third round now, we might have missed the best plant growing timing. But likely, it will be in this winter again.

 To be honest, I have been a little bit depressed and disappointed about outcome of the second round group order. In order to give big trees to everyone, I combined some varieties from another grower, however, some types of nematode bugs were unexpectedly also brought in.

  Some other positive feedback from first round group buy made me cheer up a little bit. Tun from Florida called me today asking if there are more threes available for buy, 3 of his 4 trees he ordered are growing leaves now, even he was among the group who received the latest batch of shipping; Joyce in the bay area reported that all her 6 trees have started to push out, a couple of other members in the Yangmei growing group in the different regions also have seen the sign of success.
  I opened up another thread for December 2022, if you like to participate, leave your name, varieties, and qty there. I will pick up when the time comes.
  For now, lets have some rest and have some fun with our current trees.

 1. First round group buy, 550 trees:
     Started collecting orders on 12/16/21.
     Trees were pulled from ground on 1/15/22, got shipped by air on 1/17/22, and were released by USDA on 1/21/22
 2. Second round group buy, 630 trees:
     Started collecting orders on 2/1/22.
     Trees were pulled from ground on 2/27/22, got shipped by air on 3/1/22, and were released by USDA on 3/07/22
 3. For the December 2022's group buy, please feel free add your name. Any thoughts/requests are welcome.

😭just missed this group order, when will be the next order?

Snowmm or other SoCal folks,

 We have a make up package sent out to southern California, Fountain City, CA 92708.
it will be arriving today.

 There are following varieties.

1 Wusu
2 Late growing
1 Crystal
2 An Hai
5 male trees( 2 DK male, 1 CR male, 1 LG male)

Please let me know the varieties, and qty. You can do local pick up if it is close. Or if you buy more than 6 trees,
we can ship to you, you take care of the shipping cost.

You can send me PM or email to

All the shipments were made before 10 am pacific time.
I will send out the receipt for thanking.

Thank you all for the great support, and special thanks to
Amy, Joseph, Jeremy, Jozeph, Nate for all the hard work.

 Itís not too  bad about this second group buy. The trees were shipped
on 3/1, and got released on 3/7. It took 6 days. Although there were some
hiccups in the USDA, trees were held there  over  the weekend. Itís totally
understandable. Since the trees were nicely
wrapped, they were still at good condition.

 Picture of size per request.
It fits into 33 "' L box, for smaller box, I have to cut.

 Also, please cooperate. I am willing to answer all the inquires. But there are so many shipment I need to prepare,
need to get ready for mailing out tomorrow morning.


Just got back home. We did not have enough to mail the trees Out for everyone due to the delay of release. It will be tomorrow early morning.

For Bay Area local pick up, tonight 8:00pm to 10:00 pm
Tomorrow 3/8 after 10:30 am to  7:30 pm
I will do shipping tomorrow before 10:30 am.

Great news!
Trees are released!

I take it they found root knot nematodes in the roots?


The trees are still in good condition, Biqi, Late Growing, Crystal, and Dongkui variety are big in size. However, the inspectors found some nematodes, type of microscopic worm, under microscope, the worm could be good or bad, they are still waiting for the answer from specialist. The inspectors are nice to us, but they canít make the decision by themselves yet.

Folks, overall the inspection went well. Amy, Nate, and myself are waiting for the final result to be released by 1 pm PST. Austen said some pictures they took under microscope need to be verified.

To canito 17:
  The shipping address you provided earlier is different than the one you just sent today morning.
It was Box 11936, today you changed to Box 11937.

 Please confirm which one is correct.


Is there an option to immediately soak or mist the roots with water immediately after inspection? Will you be soaking them in water once they are released into your custody Bill?

Yes. Here is our plan on Monday, tomorrow morning.
Amy and I are going to meet at SFO USDA before 9:30 am. nattyfroootz nearby the Bay Area also offered help. So, probably we will be having three people there.

 I will prepare all the shipping labels, shipping boxes and water, peat moss, kelp extract today, and bring them with me when I go to SFO tomorrow. If things go smooth, the trees will be released by noon time, so Amy can pick up all the trees for southern California folks. she will soak the roots and  put all the trees in Peat moss, then head to the south.

 I will find a post office nearby SFO and start to mail all the trees out for the ones who requested shipment. Like the shipping in the previous time, I will wrap all the trees with Peat Moss and put them into a plastic bag, and seal it.

 In the evening time or night I can get all the trees ready for the local pick up in the Bay Area. If somebody cannot make it on same day they can come on the next day Tuesday in Campbell.
I will let you know the pick up address.

This is the best scenario for us。Everything is under the control of the USDA inspection team。

Thank you everyone for the patience.


Received a couple of emails and I replied within a minute.

Per my previous email, we will not be releasing the plants today. Can you please identify the packing material present with these trees? "

" Biao,
Thank you, I am also seeing that these plants are grafted. Can you please confirm that the scion and rootstock are both Myrica rubra?  "

Latest email from USDA:

" Biao,
We are going to require that you provide reconditioning for this shipment. Each plant is individually wrapped in cellophane plastic wrap, which is impeding inspection of the plants. You can find a list of approved packing materials listed in the conditions of your permit. Please schedule a date and time next week between 8am Ė 4:30pm to complete the manipulation of the shipment. We will be performing the inspection concurrently as you unwrap the plants. We can provide you disposable gloves, but any other tools or PPE you wish to bring will be your responsibility. "

 The USDA inspector is making things very difficult in each step. From pesticide label, packing material, to the scion, even the cellophane plastic wrap. Our exporter prepared exactly same wrapping for every ten trees in last time, and we did not have problem in the inspection. The inspectors had at least three hours of time in the afternoon for our case, unfortunately they just played with emails, did not move on.

   I have set up time 9:30 am Monday(3/7) with Austen to unwrap the trees.

Dang Bureaucrats overachieveing!
It happens?
Assuming Tuesday pickup, when will shipping begin?
on same day if it the post office is still open.


 Received another email from Austen:
 " Baio,

We received the safety guidance we needed from our higher ups, and we are beginning inspection now. We will notify you and your broker by email when the plants are released and ready for pickup. This will likely be after the weekend on Monday.

Austen C. Gandy (They/Them)


 Here is the message from USDA today.

 Our reply is attached below.

  I just spoke to the USDA inspection staff Austen regarding the inspection of our trees.
 He said they are still wanting for the safety guidance based on the pesticide info listed the Phyto.
 We may not be able to make it today.


 SoCal folks,
   I just sent out email to everyone with your area's  POC email info. Please make sure you can connect to your POC when trees are ready for pick up.

  Thanks, bill

Iím asking again since the last time I asked it seemed to have been drowned out by other comments.

How will my neighbor know where and when to pick up her plants from the LA person?

Do the pickup point people have a list of emails of people who ordered in that area? If so, then my neighbor would be the one receiving the email when the time comes and I can stop monitoring this thread for updates.

Thank you!

 Fyliu, I sent you message with LA pick up POC Joseph Kanach's info. He has busy schedule and may not check the update
here frequently. You can send me email to for quick response.

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