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I have available the following:

African potato mint
Chaya (2 leaf forms)
Brazilian Sisso spinach
Rice paddy herb
Magenta leaf plant
Leaf of life leaf cuttings
Psychotria nexus leaf cuttings
Psychotria DW02 hybrid leaf cuttings
Banisteriopsis caapi cuttings
Sweet potato (few different varieties)
Dragon fruit (various cultivars but unfortunately lost track of which is which so it'll be a mystery variety cutting)
Cranberry hibiscus
Mexican sunflower
FO-TI vine
Prickly pear cactus pads(good edible pad variety from Puerto Rico)

Some of these plants may be available as a rooted potted plants as well. Inquire via PM. All cuttings $1 each except for psychotria nexus and DW02 leaves($5 ea), Banisteriopsis caapi cuttings($2.50 ea), dragon fruit cuttings($5 ea), and Prickly pear pads($3 ea). Price of item plus applicable shipping.

Thanks! DG

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Fresh star fruit seeds
« on: August 07, 2022, 08:14:24 AM »
Many seeds available

Ryan is a cool young man. Help him out! I would if I had a better means to keep more tropicals than I already have alive.

Thanks for the leads

Looking to get seeds or seedlings of ubajay or Eugenia myrcianthes. Have a few things to possibly trade or could pay a reasonable price. Please let me know.

Thanks! DG

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Fresh star fruit seeds
« on: August 03, 2022, 04:29:39 PM »
New fresh seeds now available as I eat the fruits. Hit me up!

Yes these are the red ones. Still 5 or so good sized ones available. Only kept two plants for myself from all the seeds I started. Was 11 or so originally available but at 6 have been taken. Do have the yellow one too but none available for sale or trade yet. Fruits on the plants though. Will be available eventually. You have some stuff on your list under the post I would trade for.

I try. Anatto grows really easily it seems. Still got bunches of them. Around 2ft tall now. Would likely need to chop them down for shipping.

If any seeds become available again please pm me.
Thanks! DG

Several of these guys left. Most have a bit of snail damage but nothing major. Otherwise nice seedlings. Only need to keep one or two for myself. There's at least 10 or so available. Hit me up!

Bump. Get them while you can!

You've got a heck of a collection of cool stuff. Are you producing the seeds yourself or are they resale? Figure you must grow the plants yourself. I'd buy a keraji mandarin if you ever have any available again.

Still some available

Still some available

I didnít send you these yet?
Add me to the list of waiters. Thanks

Yes I have the pch, papaya, and honeydew from you. It appeared he has a bunch of other cultivars. I really enjoy the fruit of opuntias. Would like to collect as many cultivars as I can.

There is a fruit fruit on one of the pch plants right now. Excited to try it. Is it green when ripe?

Is the shatoot the same as white Pakistan Mulberry?

I've gotta confess that I have never had a prickly pear fruit before. There are a couple unknown fruiting varieties in my family's backyard but I have always let them go to waste. Are cultivated varieties on par with the taste of dragon fruit? How do they compare? Seems like a no brainer that I should probably search out named cultivars since I live in PHX

Opuntia fruits are awesome! Most are pretty damn good. Yellow dragon fruit is the closest I've had to the taste of them. Dragon fruit like the red ones from the store doesn't even come close to their goodness. Many of the opuntia fruit have notes of melon like honeydew or cantaloupe. Great all around but usually seedy but I don't care about that myself.

Add me to the list of waiters. Thanks

No don't have pics of the fruit. Bought a handful of pods for a friend and to try them myself. Will post pics of the seedlings today sometime.

Don't know the taste of edulis. I did try another once. Think it was fullerii(spelling). Both types were pretty good. Guess I'd say these were better. However the other type I tried was a bit past prime so not the greatest comparison. This variety I'm offering  has short fat pods as apposed to the other type that had a longer skinny pod. Try to upload pics tomorrow.

Have a handful of Inga vera seedling trees available for sale or trade. Asking $7.50 each plus applicable shipping costs. Also willing to trade for zone 8 hardy fruits or cold hardy to at least 25F, true yam varieties, other perennial veggies and herbs, and other things will be considered. Make offers.

Thanks! DG

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Mandarin melon berry aka che
« on: July 19, 2022, 12:50:34 PM »
Did any of you that have rooted cuttings do it during the active growth season?

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