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Temperate Fruit Discussion / Moving to a warmer country?
« on: February 07, 2018, 08:45:43 AM »
Hi, what wonderful forum that i have stumbled upon!
I am in my early twenties and still haven't really figured life out at all.
One thing i know is that i love tropical fruits, and i really wish i could grow them. I live in Denmark where it gets quite cold in the winter, I've tried growing cantaloupe indoors, but i only got 1 ripe fruit, but it tasted so incredible.

I have been thinking about moving to a hotter climate a lot, I would love to be able to grow mangoes, cantaloup melons and oranges which are my absoulte favourite, do you have any recommendation where i should guide my eyes towards? I think having a concrete goal would help me achieve it.

I'm thinking both in where the fruit will thrive the most, but also where it might be feasible to move to as a foreigner.

Kind regards

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