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Update, will ship Draak and Mannadiar order tomorrow.

The Seed Sale is Over !!!

Good Luck on your seedlings.


Ok, Seed sale is over, here's the final updated order status. Last seed shipments completed today. I hope your seedling trees become one of the best tasting loquats in 4-7 yrs. My best tasting loquat fruit is one of my seedling tree, brix =29.

If you ordered & paid for seeds and did not receive it, then send me a message.

I will remove this information at the end of next week.

All orders for the loquat cuttings are completed.

Any new request will need to be confirmed by me before you make any payments since there are not many cuttings left now.

Final update of orders received below. If you did not get the cuttings then send me a message and let me know.




Update, all paid seeds have been shipped, see table below.

See below.

I have just 3 cuttings of Yehuda for sale. I grafted some loquats and had to cut these.

1. Only open to forum members with at least 1 year membership.
2. Yehuda cuttings, qty=3, as shown in photo, $5.
3. Shipping cost = $10, USPS priority mail, small box
4. Total Cost is $15
5. Shipping to lower 48 states.

Send me a message if you are interested.


I will take new orders for seeds from any forum member now.

Send me a message first and I will confirm I have the seeds you want, then make the payment.

All seeds were shipped out to those shown in the table below:


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Lychee grafted onto Longan?
« on: May 14, 2022, 01:27:36 PM »
Eggo, congratulations, it looks like a good graft !

You may want to keep it shaded from the hot sun if your temperature gets in the high 80s or 90F. I had some new grafts that didn't make it when it was in direct sun like yours and I didn't give it some shade.


Galatians522, yes, I agree with everything you mentioned about Brewster, just like you described it. My Brewster is a huge tree (15ftx18ft) over 30yrs old and it tastes very good and has lots of fruits every year.

FYI, there was a question to me about how to store the seeds for 1-2wks before planting them.

Once you receive your loquat seeds, they will stay fresh for a long time, many weeks if you put the seeds in a cup and add water until the seeds are completely covered. Check the water since it may get stale in 3-5 days, then just pour the old water, rinse the seeds and put new water back in. I usually put my seeds in a clear plastic cup on the countertop and leave them their for weeks before I remember I need to plant the seeds. I have very high germination on all the fresh loquat seeds, sometimes to many seedlings so I just pick out the strong plants to keep.

For shipping the seeds, they travel fine in moist paper towel in a plastic baggie. It will last for 5-10 days in this packaging. Or the other option (if you can get it) is to use moist vermiculite and put it in a plastic bag with the seeds. It will last weeks in this packaging. I had some seeds that started to root in the bag when I forget that I had some extra seeds in a bag for 2 months.

I'm buying some vermiculite so if it comes before I start shipping out seeds on Monday then your seeds will be packaged in a small plastic bag with moist vermiculite.

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