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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Chicken egg sized mango
« on: Today at 07:06:30 AM »
I also thought of maprang when i first saw it in the store, but they were selling it as a mango,  could it be a maprang advertised as a mango ??
The fruits size was around the same as a big chicken egg, or slightly bigger.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Chicken egg sized mango
« on: Today at 05:20:57 AM »
What is this, anyone fammiliar with the species or the variety of this tiny mango fruit ??
The seeds appear to be poliembrionic i think....


I have two lemons that i wintered in my basement without direct sun or strong light, i moved them outside in full sun and they took it like champs! Now every situation is different, but  u can check if the plant is not lacking water, lack of water can also severify the problem.
 Similar thing to your situ happened to several cherimoya seedlings of mine, couldnt handle the sun after i took them outside of the house, they were kinda dryish also ...

Citrus General Discussion / Re: Myer lemon citrus no leaves
« on: Today at 02:59:52 AM »
The problem with the fruit drop is becouse of the leaf drop, no leaves means no food so no energy to sustain fruit. 
The problem is probably in the soil, it can be too much moisture since i think this pot a little too large for the plant. Check if the soil at the drainage holes is wet or overly moist. Ive experienced  citrus roots rot in a too wet of a soil. The other spectrum could be too dry, u can check for those two criteria. 
It could be starved for food, thought my citrus are generally also way underfed, but i havent had a leaf drop becouse of this.

My vine just flowered a week or so ago, and one interesting observation i carried.....most of the flowers like 99% were small in size, but there were also two that were way bigger that the rest. The two big ones were like a steroid laden version of the rest ,and had somewhat of a star shaped ovule i quess at the center.
So are the big ones the female flowers?
The smaller i would assume were the male ones, and they had pollen carrying organs, but without any pollen that i could see...
Wanted to artifficially pollinate the bigger ,supposedly female flowers ,but there was no pollen....
Will they set without pollination ?

Well just checked in the web and yes, the bigger ones are the female flowers...also read that the plant needs cross pollination ,so i wont get fruit this year, hopefully my other plant will get big this year and flower next, so they can pollinate each other....

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Fertilizer question
« on: Today at 01:43:20 AM »
That will be a valuable info for me also !!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: A watermellon question.....
« on: May 16, 2022, 11:01:13 AM »
They wilt and die if its not hot enough and and soil is too wet.

They need bigger pots than a cup.  Try 1 gallong pots.  And you may need to wait longer to start at your location.  Needs to be summer for thrm to get growing.
well they were in small cups and i transplanted them into pots, the soil is def not saturated or wet. Maybe it was the transplanting that did it, with one of the cups i kunda loosened the soil too much and this may be the one . . The others were fine. I dont think it was the cold that killed it' its not cold now here and i have previous years planted watermellons outside whille we were still having frosts 'in a nylon greenhouse of corse ' but still way colder compared to presents weather.

Didnt find the variety golden midjet as seeds, doubtfull ill find it as a starter plants also , nevermind i'll work with what i have   whille keeping my eyes open for seeds of it' for next season' it may be too late for starting seeds anyway this year...
I will keep the ones i have it pots for now and upgrade them as needed till i have some time to prepare the bed and collect the soil for it. This is my bysiest spring and year till now gardenwise, i hardly get any sleep....

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: toxicity cherimoya seeds?
« on: May 16, 2022, 02:49:18 AM »
maybe you can fish out the seed and plant it to see if digestion helps with germination
Ohh sh*t , thats over the border   ;D

A week ago i also swallowed one whole seed, fast forward to come was an hour of research if i had just poisoned myself,  at the end all was well....

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: A watermellon question.....
« on: May 16, 2022, 02:27:09 AM »
Two days after i bought the plants, first casualty, the plant willted and leaves were dried up. I uppotted them into small pots with well drainable soil. One plants still left in the same pot. They are in my gr till i prepare the beds...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: identification please
« on: May 15, 2022, 02:22:13 AM »

i dont know what this is, but it doesnt look edible to me .....

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: A watermellon question.....
« on: May 15, 2022, 12:40:46 AM »
I had a local watermelon grower tell me that crimson sweet is more disease resistant. If disease is a problem, maybe that would be a good one to try (especially since you mention that it is available there).

Ive grown crimson 3-4 years before, and i had the best success with watermellons exactly with this variety.  I think back then the summer was quite dry thought ,so this way have helped.
I want to grow them vertical this year so to not have the foliage on the ground , crimson makes big ones, dunno how i will suspend those in the air..i think i may do another small patch of watermellon and i may plant crimson there, wonder thought if it will have the time to ripen, since its a long season variety. Anyway, i'll see what other variety i can find in monday as a starter, and can also buy seeds , esp interested now in the suggested Golden Mitjet variety, looks kool and easy to id when ready...

I am thinking of making greenhouses for them from nylon, sure this will help in alot of ways...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Persimmon dormancy
« on: May 14, 2022, 04:50:23 PM »
What they listed online was misleading. Something like: 5g, 5-6ft tall, 2 year old...etc. Also, it shipped in a 5 gal pot. However, when I take it out to plant it, it's only a big root that was not bonded to the soil. I'd realized that it's not a plant, just a bareroot.

Ive heard about this and it usually is easily detected by a more experienced person. I one bought a edible chesnut that came in a pot and the soil was airy and loose, some of the roots were exposed and kinda going straight down like the main root. The plant though did fine, no problems with it, but its still a mislead to sell bareroots this way and present it as an established potted  plant for a higher $$ value....

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: Persimmons Graft Question
« on: May 14, 2022, 04:41:12 PM »
I think this still has a chance, wait on it, eather way your roottock is so small now if it fails it will prolly sprout from the roots. Just put somethink to protect it , like chicken wire mesh or smt.
When i graft, yet not persimmons i awlays use a scion with two buds, u can probably do more on a healthy strong rootstock, but usually 2 buds on the scion is sufficient.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: A watermellon question.....
« on: May 14, 2022, 04:32:42 PM »
I recommend Golden Midget watermelon.  The skin turns yellow when ready to pick
the variety looks very good ,i am doubtful  that i will be able to find it  to grow it this season,  i will look at the agro shop or any agro related place.
Most of whats here is crimson, sugar baby and other prolly ordinary ones that i am not familliar with...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: A watermellon question.....
« on: May 13, 2022, 05:16:16 PM »
Thanks for all the comments!! I will amend with lots of sand. My freestile grow bags wont have a bottom so they will be able to root into the ground once they feel like it.
Well i think i bought sugar baby variety, the seller said they were small fruited, the pic was of a small watermellon but i forgot to check the tag for the variety , as awlays ......

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: A watermellon question.....
« on: May 13, 2022, 08:38:24 AM »
Yes this will be kind of a cheap grow bag method/ without purchasing real grow bags.
I already bought the plants, the lable looked like sugar baby or other small fruit variety, the person said they were a smaller fruit watermellon.
For the soil i am thinking of amending the bed below the bags with some sand to aid drainage . As for the real potting mix i will probably go for a forest top soil mixed with sand and some bought potting mix.
And yes i am thinking of growing them vertically to help with deseases and stuff..... will have to come up with a trellis system for them thought.
About the grafting i wanted to do it since i saw a video of a Belarusian girl ,growing watermellons grafted  onto a pumpkin rootstock, but i may be too late for this experimment now.

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Re: Persimmons Graft Question
« on: May 13, 2022, 03:25:33 AM »
Hi group! I re-did a Persimmons graft maybe a few weeks ago and had the pot in shade on a table. The little green bud was swelling and I was watching it every day, most excitedly. Well, mysteriously the bud was picked off likely by my kids or their friend that came over. I'm pretty devastated. Unfortunately since I already re-did the graft there isn't enough rootstock left to re-graft this year and I will have to let a new sucker grow.

My question is, is there any possibility the node will push a new bud? There are no other nodes on this graft. I got a bit into reading about axillary buds and that some plants have more than one bud per node, and others are "spent" after pushing green growth. I guess I wanted to confirm this is a total fail at this point.

Ive experienced that persimmon has two side buds that accompany the main one, realized that after the main buds on my persimmons were damaged by frost past year.
If there are teeny tiny little green nubs at the site, it may sprout back. However in order for it to sprout u mush remove any growth on the rootstock, which it kinda dangerous ,since the graft may not sprout and u may be just weakening the rootstock.
A pic would help also  ....

Sorry for the quote, i should have just posted.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / A watermellon question.....
« on: May 13, 2022, 02:37:26 AM »
I want to try my hand again at watermellon, they are generally hard to grow here out of a greenhouse, problems like too much moisure and desease becouse of it are guaranteed. So i was thinking of making some planting pockets with regular white or black nylon bags, the ones that are maid of weaved strings. I have planted plants in the past in this and it has provided good drainage and also air. I will cut the bottoms of the bags and place them on open ground so they can root down readily, when they are ready to. The place i want to plant them is wetter then needed most of the rime ,so thats why i want to make them like raised beds from those cheap nylon bags.
I will also cover the whole bags with somethink when there is too much rain , so they do not get saturated.
The "pots " will not be moved ,so logistics is not an issue!
What soil are u using when growing watermellons, like not brands becouse i will have difficulty finding those, rather texture and general ingredients that u add etc ..?
What do u think , and thanks ?!

Well i think mine should be rady to flower ,they are quite big, in the greenhouse daily temps lately are around 30 c with open doors.

The pics i took at dusk so some blurriness to them...
I havent removed the winter coat of bubble wrap off the gh ,so this prevents some of the light and since the plants are growing from march they are somewhat etiolated...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: identification please
« on: May 13, 2022, 02:13:32 AM »
Any idea?
Could u take a fruit and cut it open ? This may help someone to id it.

Here's a video to show the end results of what im trying to achieve.  My only difference in technique is I haven't remove the ring of bark yet. I will do that later when my graft heals. The ring of bark will be made at the same level where the seedling rootstock starts to grow roots. So both root systems will be at the same level.  In the video, his root graft fails and the airlayer takes. The goal is to have lateral roots from the airlayer and tap roots from the seedling.
That's pretty much what I did, except I used multiple root grafts. The thing about these videos (there are several on the same/similar techniques) is they never show the plant a year or two later. Getting the graft to take is an achievement, but keeping it alive and getting it to thrive is the real challenge. Take the analogy you often hear about the root system of a tree basically being as big/expansive as the tree you see above ground; the roots you see in these videos do not come close to matching the size of the branch/foliage. it's going to be a struggle for those roots to support growth. Once you separate the branch from the tree, it's all on that tiny root system. The root system he attaches in the video comes from a much smaller seedling and he seems to do nothing to the branch to reduce the pressure on the seedling root system. I'd bet a substantial sum it didn't make it through the next season, not without a good deal of extra care and attention.

It's a fun technique, but don't choose a big (especially fruiting) branch. It's a drag watching it slowly die...

This can be fixed by pruning the top part of the layer to a smaller proportions, u dont need to keep all of the top ....

Quote from: fruit4me
link=topic=47089.msg460375#msg460375 date=1652374452
Here's how it looks like wrapped

Should get a really strong  airlayer.
looks great, keep us posted.
I havent had the time to try the method still, however i have ro make sore airlayers ofsome trees in a forest so will try this, will uproot seedlings and graft theyr whole root systems.
However there may be problems since i will need just the roots and they will be very close to the wet part with the moss ball, dunno if it will work. Airlayers for bonsai, so i cant leave the grating place further up as i would with a regular plant.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: What could these trees be?
« on: May 13, 2022, 01:55:14 AM »
Looks like persimmon to me also....
Those look like persimmons

Makes me jealous. I've killed 2 trying to plant them in the ground, healthy for maybe a year, then just withered and died.
Think I'll try container this time.

they do good in containers for me and do fruit without much fertilizing or pondering, the biggest problem that i have with them this way is watering, but that may just be my soil, its always kinda too wet even thought i water them carefully to prevent this.....

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Persimmon dormancy
« on: May 13, 2022, 01:47:53 AM »
I agree about bareroot stuff online vs getting something in person. What I paid for an online nursery's bareroot plus shipping I could have had a big tree with multiple branches in a 5gal which surprisingly my local HomeDepot had in stock at the time (Jiro persimmons) in northern NJ. This year for the first time they are carrying citrus, guava, passionfruit, and some other "porch plant" as they are marketing them, which here it's rare to find somewhere to get these things unless you order from an online nursery and have it shipped which is usually the only choice.

From time to time i will also go for a not so healthy plant, if its rare to find. Usually such plants i manage to nurse back to health.

I got 10 barefoot persimmons a couple years back. Some were so bad looking that they were like the letter h -2 big roots and thatís it. I planted them all, and surprisingly they all made it with no extra care. Just prune back the top part so the plant isnít too stressed. But yes, I do prefer potted plants.
Apart from the chocolate that died on me, i had previously bought two other persimmons from a seller at my village, when i got home at a closer inspection all the feeger roots were toast and also the main ones were halfway dead. I planted them anyway but nothink came out of that. I hate people that sell bad plants, intentionally or unintentionally......

Ive had also positive outcomes with bareroot persimons , the two big ones in pots that i have now were bareroot plants 3-4 years ago, but those i picked in person and inspected the roots which were kept moist and were alive.
Ive said this before but some nurseries just dont care to handle the plants at the best way possible for the plant.....i mean its never sure that a bareroot will take if kept properly till sell, but it surely will not take if its awready dead at purchase..
Sorry about the bragg .....

I have 3 potted ones which are just starting to leaf out/ buds are at the brink of unfolding leaves. As far as i could tell it should be a heavy bloom for 2 of them, the ones that flowered and fruited for the first time last year.
I think so becouse last year they experienced a hard freeze which damaged most of theyr buds, flowering was weakish yet still the fuyu set 3 fruits and the other unknown had like 7.
This year there is no damaje so i am expecting some wild flowering and hopefully much more fruit.  I will do an update, once they leaf out, hopefully i  remember lol 😆

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Persimmon dormancy
« on: May 12, 2022, 09:52:59 AM »
In the past i had bought a chocolate variety persimmon bareroot. Planted it in a pot and waited prolly till the middle to end of june for it to wake up. I remember my other persimmons were leafed out when i had enough and threw the bareroot chocolate . I also remember that the stem was probably still green just above the graft when i disposed it.

Update, the coffee cake which I cut back (to a stick), now leafing out. The chocolate which initially look more promising (only trim 1/2 branches), shows no sign of leafing. Maybe chocolate variety doesn't take transplant well?
i dunno, i think my plant back then was unnapropriately handeled and probably the roots got a bit too dry at some point on ita way towards me, or whatever.... i will try again with this variety ,now that i am gaining more experience with my other persimmons, but will only by bareroots in person and not online.

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