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Only 4 spots left. Hurry donít miss out.

I missed bidding and saw how much it sold for. I would be willing to pay a little more for it

That one on eBay is sold but I do have my last available at least for this year on a raffle. $3 a spot for 17 spots with USPS priority shipping included.

Only about 6 hours left to bid. Hope you all are having a great day.

About 1day 12 hours left on the Campomanesia sp Vermelha auction on eBay. Right now itís at $27 which includes usps priority shipping to anywhere in the USA and PR. Donít miss out on having this very rare Myrtaceae that is very ornamental and great tasting fruit.

Yes sir translator from Portuguese to English is my friend. I was wrong on hot water temp for soaking it is around 165F which is also the safe temperature for cooked chicken.

Great seeds from Hapajoes! Received seeds around June 24. This is the first to sprout yesterday only 1 month later, a Psidium australe. I placed the Psidium seeds in hot water to speed up germination around 140F then just let it cool naturally to room temp and soak for 1 day. The seeds were then placed in a barely damp folded paper towel inside a plastic ziplock bag. This time of year I put them in a shaded spot outside so the temp fluctuates. Check once a week and if germinated I pot them up individually in 3ĒW 8ĒD seedling pot. 

Cut back the total spots down to 16 total to get this raffle moving faster. Now only 6 spots left. Low risk and a high chance of winning this one so donít miss out.

Down to 10 spots left for the raffle.

The vote is overwhelmingly for a raffle so it is open. Also check out the other plants for sale by members.Any ? please let me know and have a great day.


Going to run a raffle $5 a spot around 20 spots or an auction starting at $70 with USA shipping included. Vote and let majority decide. The poll closes July 14th at 9PM EST.

Awesome fruit collection to check out not just for Myrtaceae maniacs. I am really not looking forward to eating those green pitangas now.

Donít miss out on the fun on the Band app, Jaboticaba45 doing a livestream event tonight around 9:30pm est. He lost a bet that he made. I said if he goes through with it I will eat a green pitanga too once I can acquire them.

ďHey guysÖ.tonight Iím going to do the anomaly seed livestream giveaway and green pitanga eatery!
Iíll also give you a tour of the greenhouse and rare fruit rant!
Iíll be live at 9:30. There is a slight chance I might be busy, so Iíll do it tomorrow night if I canít start by 10:00. ď

Plinia Polpa Roxa and Psidium Mancha Vermelha both sold Thank you.


Here is a picture of the actual Plinia sp Polpa Roxa for sale. $80 plus $20 shipping if it cost less to ship I will refund the difference. Participants of the raffles will get a discount $10 for winners and $20 for those who havenít won yet.

Eugenia cereja auction closing in about 45 minutes. Right now only $51 plus shipping. Just saw 2 of these on eBay go well over $100 same size.

I forgot to say the Psidium sp Mancha Vermelha is named that due to the red spots on the green pear shaped fruit. First pic is the fruit provided by the Seedshunter Sellami. 2nd is the actual plant 3g pot in the raffle.

Any details you can provide for the Psidium Mancha v? Cold hardiness and such.

I am not 100% sure but I think it is native to Cerrado transition area in Bahia Brazil. At the time Sellami was collecting in that region. From reports of other Psidiums and other fruit species in that area should handle down to around 28F. I can tell it doesnít like too much water in the winter and prefers soil with very good drainage I have about 40% perlite then the rest peat moss.

Also the auction for the very rare Eugenia Cereja closes tomorrow Friday July 1 at 5PM.

I decided to give this raffle a little more fireworks 🎆 for the 4th of July! Now the winner can choose between 3 very rare species.

I can tell you with certainty the longer the  package comes with increased  risk of damage from getting caught on a pinch point on the conveyor belt to be sorted at distribution center. Labeling the box fragile or anything else doesnít help. I know because I used to unload trailers part time  for UPS back in the day.

Only 4 more spots left for the Eugenia blastantha raffle. Here is a pic of the wheel of names with the last raffle that is live-streamed on Band app.

Only 8 more spots open for the Eugenia blastantha raffle.

New raffle for Eugenia blastantha 2 year old plant. $5 a spot at 20 spots free shipping to anywhere in the USA and PR.

Also have a member auctioning off Eugenia cereja another very rare fruit tree from southern Brazil. Just saw some on EBay same size go well over $100 plus shipping. This one starts at only $25 plus shipping.

Have a great day my friends.

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